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Click here to download Google Earth.

Google Earth is the most amazing software.  It uses satellite imagery and stitches together images from all over the globe so what you get is a complete 3D globe which you can zoom into or out of, see the entire world or something as close up as a car in front of your own house.   You can use Google Earth to make your travel plans, find your favorite restaurants or hotels in the places you want or need to go, make maps, print them, email them, save them.  And much more than that.  Here are what some actual Google Earth users have to say about it. 

"I have been using Google Earth for over 6 months now, and I still keep finding out ways to use it that I didn't know before, little tools and tricks.  I've really come to depend on it for travel, even short-term travel like going to a friend's house I've never been to before.  I use Google Earth for everything.  I'm definitely a fan.  Thank you!!"  - Paige

"Google Earth was very valuable to me for getting to a recent gig. I'm an orchestra player and we often have to go places we've never been before to perform. I looked up photos of Fremont CA's Central Park, and suddenly I understood the vague parking directions I'd been given. Thank you so much." -Carole

"I work for the Fire Department and I have been using with FD personnel on reviewing Wildland Fire scenarios. It is a great tool. Thanks." - Terry

"Everything is great!!! I downloaded it and it looks amazing. I just moved to NC from NYC and I actually went to NYC with the Google Earth map just to see how it looked and it was amazing!" -Yvonne

"I love Google Earth...I am having the time of my life 'playing' with it everyday. Thank you." -Felicia O.


You can be one of those satisfied users.  In fact, submit your successes to us if you'd like us to publish them on our site.