Google Earth Video Instructions

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Click here to download Google Earth.

One more awesome free thing you get with your download of Google Earth is the How To Video!  

Our How To video will give you step by step instructions for downloading and installing Google Earth. Just click this link to watch it.

We have other cool and helpful videos for you to watch too.  They're on the Google Earth video page, so go on over there and check them out. 

Because it's important to us that you really get the most out of Google Earth, we have created a written guide as well as the video guide.  This will teach you how to download, install and run Google Earth, as well as some other important facts about using Google Earth.  You'll learn about the Updater, for example, which is a Google feature which comes with the Google Pack, that you use to install Google Earth and the other software that comes with the Google Pack.  You also can use it to choose which software you want to download and to install updates when you choose to.  All this info is available on the "How to Use Google Earth" page.

Our 4th tutorial is a PDF file we created to teach you everything about how to get started with Google Earth.  We did this separately so that you have something downloadable and printable, to instruct you, as some people prefer this method of instruction.  Click here to view or download this file.