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Interested in seeing what people are doing with Google Earth?

So are we.  That's why we post news and articles and new releases, to keep you informed of the latest innovations and creative ways people are using Google Earth.  If you have your own creative applications for the Google Earth API feel free to let us know and we'll get it posted here for all to see.  

September 6, 2007

Well, this maybe isn't the most cheerful of all uses for the Google Earth API, but it's certainly interesting!  Many cities are creating "Crime Maps" which map crimes in their local city so you can see where they occur.  Some mark all kinds of different crimes, some mark just certain types of crimes like homicides.  But I found an article on it which gives links to them, in case you want to check it out.  See the original article here. 

November 16, 2006

Geojoey...all the rage.  It's a new social networking site which uses Google Earth as its foundation.  Post an experience in a particular location of earth and then users get to vote on it.  Search by tag, search by location.  Almost more fun that I can handle.  Check out Geojoey here!

November 15, 2006, Damien1762 of Slashdot writes,

"Indians use Google Earth to remotely monitor their lands by checking for signs of miners and GPS to map their lands. "Google Earth is used primarily for vigilance," says Vasco van Roosmalen, program director of a nonprofit involved in the project." Click here for entire article.

November 12, 2006, ZDNet writer, Garett Rogers, writes about the new "historical" maps that you can use to view the earth from a globe that is several hundred years old!  Sound cool?  It is.  See the entire article here!

February 17, 2006, Peter Pesti has created a combination or "mashup" of NASA's "Earth LIghts" and a Google Map interface.  It's called "Nighttime!" and you can see it work here.  It isn't perfectly functional or particularly helpful.  Some apps are  We enjoyed it anyway. 

January 3, 2006, GEarth Blog writer, Frank Taylor, discusses the "flying car" propaganda disseminated by The Register.  It's based on an image found in Google Earth that was a bit tough to indentify.  One theory was "flying car".  And The Register just ran with that idea BIG TIME.  As Frank puts it,   "Those guys at The Register have done it again. Someone sent them an interesting Google Earth placemark which shows a satellite photo of what appears to be a flying car near a parking lot in near Perth, Australia. The Register, in their usual sensational journalistic style, have written a story which hypes the idea this is a flying car, and doesn't bother to speculate on alternatives." More...