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Click here to download Google Earth.

Our purpose for creating this website was to help people.  As fans of Google Earth, we felt it was important to let the world know about Google Earth, and to help them with anything they could possibly need regarding Google Earth, the downloading, installing, and running of Google Earth.   

We also wanted to create a place for people to go who wanted to find out more about Google Earth than just how to download, install and use it.  We tried to anticipate what questions the public might have, questions about where to go to talk to other Google Earth users, questions about shortcut keys for Google Earth, questions about how this technology is applied, news, history, whatever.  And hopefully we've been able to successfully do that and provide all the answers to all your questions.  

In all our research of Google Earth, before and during putting this site together, we discovered that Google Earth could be used to give a friend directions, to coordinate a meeting spot and email the map location to your office mates.  You could use it to see what attractions are nearby to where you're going.  You can see what geographic elements are in various places.  And on a more technical level, if you're a programmer or even just an adventurous person with a bit of a geeky nature, you can actually use Google Earth's technology and create NEW software with it and make it to other things, as long as you don't violate their licensing policies.  

We sincerely hope we've been helpful, answered your questions, maybe given you some ideas or direction that you were looking for, or at least provided something interesting for you to read and look at for a while.  Let us know how it all works out for you. 

We hope you enjoy Google Earth as much as we do.