Data discovery, access, and mining are essential functions associated with any cyberinfrastructure that supports data-enabled science. The EarthCube Data Discovery, Access, and Mining (aka DDMA) group is assessing the state of the art in each of these areas and providing a roadmap for the future. Broad community engagement is a key aspect of this activity. Correspondingly, the group discusses strategies for embracing the needs of the so-called long tail of geoscientists in the areas of discovery, access, and mining, in addition to addressing the needs of established data archives, repositories, and community resources. The DDMA group is exploring new paradigms using social networking, semantics, cloud storage and computing, and big data to address future needs in discovery, access, and mining.

Follow discussions on the Group EarthCube website: http://earthcube.ning.com/group/data-discovery-mining-integration

The three sub-groups of discovery, access and mining are co-ordinated by:

Data Discovery Services Community Group
    PI: Chaitanya Baru, San Diego Supercomputer Center

Data Access Services Community Group
    PI: Tanu Malik, University of Chicago,
    co-PI: Foster, University of Chicago

Data Mining Community Group

    PI: Rahul Ramachandran, University of Alabama Huntsville
    co-PI: Graves
, University of Alabama Huntsville