"EARTHALIVEFOREVER" : EASY & NATURAL GLOBAL WARMING CONTROL E.A.E. ------------------------- All in country ! --------------- Not... in towns !

Yeah..., "Old" fellows,
As I, during yours past lifes..., you have enough tried these "lifes", full of lies, in town !
May be, it is really time... TO REALLY CHANGE !
Not to continue durty trades with a lot of walls and barriers or barricades (les laids 'comme-herses' in french) : with only more lifes blocked in towns and to much pollutions reversed, hided in the country around !
That is far, very far from the healphy lifes of the natives (played in ours past lifes too) !
First, don't forget we are all of US (not as SAS) eternal Great Souls (full of wisdom) on this beautifull EARTH, with vital excitings changes, to learn to manifest the BEST of all, in all possible directions. CALL your internal HIGH ANGEL for help, at any moment and any place !
Therefore, to ask the leaders, to demand them to CHANGES THE PLANET RULES, of financial targets, of births..., of balanced repartition everywhere on the planet, for  soft and clean occupations with real helps of positive tools, like shovels..., (no arms quickly given to the youngs...on sites nude of vegetation, so vast, immense, spacious !
The planet no balanced, like souths everywhere, is the worst ! We know perfectly that ! Why to decide, to choice to replay the same records life after life ?
We are, all of US... "AS" (excellent Creatives Angels), there to develop new universal ways of creative lifes perfectly balanced... Is'nt it ? Life after life, of course !
Jacques Tesseire-1945 (and his heavy past... of curious extreme climate lifes) - France
ONLY HILLS LIKE GREEN "PYRAMIDES" with fields in little terraces,
 bordered of embankments
covered of lot of trees,
(better than ANGKOR VAT 
and "building towers" like corn) !
Nothing is sacred except that we create
("ça-crée" in french)
You want ton know why..., how ?
To see factors thermics and arrangments of soils for easy lifes durable a lot ?
It is so simple...!!!
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