Files & Presentations by Art Constantino

University of Florida Master Gardener, Spring "06"
  NatureScape Broward Habitat Steward, Spring "07"  
I present to gardening clubs and civic organizations in Broward and Palm Beach Counties Fl.

During my early Master Gardener volunteer days I created a rain barrel program showing how to make and use my rain barrel to save rain and A/C runoff water.  As I live in the S.E. Florida Scrub Ridge, the lack of rain on my yard made it difficult go grow many S. Florida plants.  Once my rain barrels began storing rain and A/C runoff water, growing plans in my yard was no longer a problem.    

Below you will find several self running PowerPoint Presentations on my method of plant propagation, native & non native plants I grow to attract butterflies moths and birds to my garden.  These presentations are self running Power Point presentations, but no special viewers are necessary to see my "shows" at home. 

Also below are self running shows on Native & Non native plants to attract butterflies to your garden.  How and where to find native plants in the "wilds" of S. Florida. How I make my rain barrel, and several others.  Once more I note, MS PowerPoint is not needed to view these programs at home.
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