Trapped Ball

Trapped Ball is a challenging, hand-eye coordination skills-based maze game for kids, adults & seniors where you must guide a heavy yellow ball through a series of treacherous, obstacle-filled mazes. Reaching the Exit Portal in each level is made difficult by the tricky labyrinth-like environment, outer walls with spikes, constantly-moving enemies, and more unusual hindrances.

This tricky maze adventure puzzle requires good observation and visual perception skills, slick keyboard control and excellent timing; deciding when exactly to move your ball! Patience and great determination are also essential attributes required here. You don’t have to complete each level at a hectic pace! Keeping it simple, slow and steady often wins the race!

How to Play: Use the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys to control the movement of your ball. In each of the 32 increasingly-difficult and exciting levels, you must guide the small yellow ball to the flashing grey Exit Portal. If your ball comes into contact with any spikes or moving enemies, it simply re-spawns at the beginning of the level (You have an unlimited number of lives).

There are 3 different ‘Power-up Blocks’ that you can activate by coming into contact with them. The ‘Armor’ Power-up makes your ball invincible for about 10 seconds (until the Armor bar runs empty at the bottom of the game screen). The ‘Speed’ Power-up gives you super speed until the Speed bar runs out. However, the ‘Potion’ Power-up actually has a negative effect, meaning you lose control of the ball until the Potion bar is empty. Try to avoid activating the Potion Power-up! Enjoy the