Catch The Candy Free

Candy is a fun and exciting food of the children we enjoyed the sweet taste of it. Let your friends to play this game a sweet candy
We all love sweets, right? So does this cute little creatures, but it's always tantalizingly out of his reach.   Sweet Babies Care Center

    Age of War 4  Based on the hit Flash game, Catch The Candy features 98 levels plus a whopping 40 achievements to unlock. You will need to use the tail can extend his grappling to get candy, but it's not always as easy as it seems. Each level has a set of unique properties to change the style of play, from the mechanical gears and cogs in the industrial level, dangerous water level in the tropics and even some entertainment actions the sports level, even creatures need rest candy to play outside now and then!
Push and pull obstacles, balance on unstable logs, cut the rope, climb the mast and clamp into almost anything to work your way out of the level and grab that candy!

With colourful graphics and catchy music kids and grown-ups will love this charming physics-based puzzler. So what are you waiting for? Catch the Candy!  Age of War 2 

• 98 Levels set across a variety of different worlds
• Unique physics-based gameplay
• Colourful cartoon graphics
• Hidden 'Easter Eggs' to uncover
• Based on the hit Flash game