Bring back the time in Cake Mania 3

Desserts are the ones that fulfill our sweet teeth. In every occasion, it is important to always have desserts to compliment all the food that have been indulged by the guests. Most of us surely love desserts but others prefer not to eat such due to acceptable reasons such as health risk and diet. If you are looking for a flash game that incorporates a lot of desserts, especially, cakes, you are pertaining to Cake Mania 3.

This is the third installment from the game series called Cake Mania which is developed by Sandlot Games. You will surely love this game because it is all about cakes and decorations. In every edition, the story provided is worthy. This time, Jill, who is the main character in the game will go on another baking adventure. The story starts when Jill is preparing for her wedding when something unacceptable happened. The time bender confuses everyone and sent to different times. It is your mission to help Jill bring back the people as well as the present time by surpassing cake decorating challenges.

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