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Prepare yourself for another head-scratching compilation of eccentric mini brain teaser puzzles that are sure to make you laugh or want to cry out for inspiration! Monkey Go Happy 5 is an excellent mouse-clicking puzzle game for kids & teens where you have to solve a series of 16 difficult mini-games. Maurice the little monkey and his grumpy family are all teary-eyed and upset, so it’s up to you to brighten up their day by solving a set of challenging point-and-click conundrums. Interact with objects, characters, and hidden items in each of the wacky puzzles to create a positive solution that causes your pet monkey to grin widely and jump for joy!

This highly enjoyable and unusual step-by-step problem solving exercise should be a good fit for anyone who enjoys tricky hidden object puzzles with a twist. The game play requires logical thinking skills, good concentration, lots of imagination, the ability to envisage a strategy, serious determination, and more than a little common sense to figure out the solution to each zany puzzler. Turn your pet primate from a blubbering stick-in-the-mud to a beaming little fellow with a radiant smile! If you like Monkey Go Happy 5, see if you can find the original Monkey Go Happy game, and Monkey Go Happy 4 as well as other sequels on this site. They are all well-worth pitting your considerable wits against! Happy problem solving!

How to Play: There are 16 different mini-game levels (Stages) in total. Once levels 1-15 are completed (in any sequence), you unlock the 16th (final) puzzle. Each level requires you to solve a puzzle by interacting with objects, characters and items using your computer mouse or touchpad. You must create a positive outcome which causes your pet monkey to smile broadly, and leap around the game screen in delight, so that you can proceed to the next level. On the Main Menu / Level Select Screen, you can choose between 5 members of this funny & cute monkey family. Left click on the monkey you want to cheer up, and then click on the Stage you want to attempt. If you get stuck at any time during a Stage, click on the white circular arrow in the top left corner to return to the Level Select screen.

To solve and complete the mini-games, you need to carefully study each scene, and imagine what should potentially happen. By clicking on objects and areas that you can interact with, ‘hotspots’ are revealed when your mouse cursor changes from a normal arrow pointer into a hand. In some levels, you have to click on items in a certain sequence. In others, you simply have to shoot objects or collect hidden items. Keep clicking and interacting with the puzzle’s environment to reveal new objects and unlock more clues to the solution. For example; in one level, you have to find a way to fish a man’s car keys out of a sewer drain. The man is standing outside a magnet shop… Perhaps there is some rope in the trunk of his car.. (you must use your imagination). The quicker you complete every puzzle, the more points you score as the Points Total displayed at the top of the game screen constantly counts down as you try to solve each mini game.

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