Learn Amigo Pancho 4

Pancho is back once more and this time he has grown fond of his balloons as he travels around the world to attend lovely dates, parties and spas. Amigo Pancho 4 offers a wide variety of new obstacles and props that has made the game more exciting and challenging with the addition of few new features as well. Travel around the world with Pancho and help him as much as you can, to make him attend the events in time.

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Objective of the game

The objective of the game remains quite similar to the previous sequel of Amigo Pancho, but this time he has several event which he must attend to. Players must help Pancho to fly towards his desired destination by avoiding deadly traps and obstacles. The stages of this game delivers a wide range of puzzle in the table, which are quite challenging and entertaining to solve.Skull Kid 3: Kill And Earn Money

Each of the stages will definitely challenge the puzzle solving skill of a player to their very limit. While travelling around the world Pancho will have to face bandits in his quest as well and you must find a way to defeat these notorious bandits in order to reach the end of the stage.

Amigo Pancho 4

Feature of the game

Unlike the previous chapters of this game, Amigo Pancho 4 brings a set of additional exciting and unique levels, a total of thirty stages needs to be cleared to reach the end of the game. For each country he visits, players receive a greeting signboard written in the language of the country, which will cheer you along the way.

The scoring system stayed intact like all the Amigo Pancho games. But now the player starts with only 1000 points at the beginning of each stage whereas the older sequels used to start off with 2000 points, so in order to achieve higher scores players will have to finish the puzzleseven faster.

A spectacular cutting-edge feature has been deployed in this game. For the first time, you get to choose the costume of Panchoaccording to your choice. The elusive costume mode provides, a massive selection of wardrobe – from a happy bunny suit to even a comic book super hero. All of these beautifulcostumes can be selectedduring the beginning of each stage.

Traps and enemies

Amigo Pancho 4 arranges impressive new set of traps at each stages while keeping the traps from the previoussequel as well. So it is like a cocktail of all the sequel in one game. From lever pulling platforms to turning the switch of a deadly missile, these amazing props and traps will make the game very enjoyable to play. Some of the mentionable props and enemies are -

  • Missile – A latest addition to the game are these deadly missile which will blast anything in its path when launched. Players needs to be very cautious while launching wreaking havoc missile as one false move can be the end Pancho’s journey.
  • Floating cactus- These tiny yet deadly razor sharp cactuses will be seen afloat in some of the levels while blocking the path of Pancho. Players will be challenged to remove these floating cactuses out of the area since a single touch of the cactuses can send Pancho straight to an impregnable doom of his journey.
  • Barricade – Lever pulling barricades can be both helpful and/or harmful depending on how the player wish to use it. Barricades can act as a shield to prevent the hazardous traps that might fall on Pancho’s head or it can also be used as a means of steering wheel which can securely lead him to the end.