Recommend a Business Owner/Earn High Referral Fees!!!

Finder’s Fee Paid Directly to You!


If they become a client of ours, we will pay you a “finder’s fee” (referral fee) of 50%.  The payout is based on the net amount of services we provide to the client.  For example, if this net amount is $10,000 then you would receive $5,000 upon a successful close of this case!  (Earn thousands of dollars...  We will mail you our check immediately upon close!!)!!!

Business owners can often save up to 50% on monthly mortgage payments and other expenses.  This is backed by a 100% money back guarantee on business debt restructuring fees, which is placed in a third-party escrow account until the process is complete.

This opportunity is ideal for anyone, including regular individuals, Realtors, Title Companies, Inspectors, Appraisers, CPA’s, Attorneys, etc.

We provide a Referral Agreement to you for making referrals.   Also, business owners receive a Confidentiality Agreement.

Background Information

Business Financial Turnaround Services (BFTS) is an outreach agency of Legacy Debt Care Services (LDCS) established in 1985. LDCS has over 27 years of experience and an A+ rating with the BBB, and together we provide specialized commercial services as a Resolution Service to distressed business owners.

We work with all major mortgage lenders in the United States.  We are a Business Resolution Service that specializes in helping business owners get financing, lower payments, and slash overall monthly expenses via:

  • Mortgage Modification
  • Mortgage Principal Reduction
  • Lease Restructure
  • Capital Infusion
  • Unconventional Business Finance
  • Debt Management
  • Asset-Based Finance
  • Vehicle Refinance
  • Equipment Lease Refinance
  • Credit and Debt Negotiations
  • Debt Settlement

... and many more.  We can handle the most challenging business situations and develop solutions because there are 100's of funding sources available to us, including: banks, pension funds, life insurance, private equity, hedge funds, etc.

When we identify commercial clients who are experiencing difficulty meeting their commercial obligations, we work with them to determine feasible solutions to allow both the note holder to be satisfied and the commercial client to keep their most important investment – their business.


Many of us encounter on a regular basis businesses that have suffered temporary setbacks which cause them to fall behind on their commercial debts and mortgage obligation.  Often these businesses have had a temporary loss of income due to lack of demand, changing economy, cash-flow problems or unexpected and unanticipated major expenditures, and on occasion, poor money management practices.

Opportunity to Help Businesses

We are offering you a way to help these businesses by referring them to our company for assistance.  We will send a check to you for successful candidates we are able to help to compensate you for your time and effort in making these referrals.  The Referrer’s fee shall be calculated as 50% of the net value of the services provided by BFTS.  We keep an extensive database record of all commercial clients received from each individual and/or company we work with.

We would appreciate your referral of businesses that you are unable to assist.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you any questions you may have concerning our company and its services.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and help you provide additional options to your commercial clients.

Contact Us

Have them give us a call and mention your name.  (You can also call, fax, or email and let us know that you are the one referring them to us.  Or, if you prefer, we can call them for you.)


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