How To Earn Money As A Thred Up Super Supplier

My Experiences as a Thred Up Super Supplier in a Short Tutorial!

The words "Earning money online" always seems a bit shady.....but i have discovered  a site that allows you to shop and earn money. Too good to be true its not.....But there are some caveats. In this Blog I will explain how to make money in your spare time using the site Thredup. This is not without risk, you must have a discerning eye and follow all the rules they list on their site. If you do both I can say you can double you money per shopping bag/box sent. Sound too good to be true? Use these quick pointers and try it for yourself.

Starting Small

1. Know The Rules :
    First thing first you must read their rules.......Any infringement on these rules and items will not be counted and therefore you will incur a loss. (unless you want to pay 9.99 return fee which i don't recommend, only in certain circumstances such as high end items) Items must be gently used, clean, no rips tears or stains. Inspect all items thoroughly before shipping  them . Thred upwill reject on average up to 50% of any given bag and you want to keep this rejection percentage as low as possible.

2. Order a  Thred Up Clean Out Bag:
    Ordering a bag is currently Free  (normally $4.95, returned to you when you ship your bag back) so I suggest  starting here. In the future you will use your own packing materials to get the most return on your investment but you should test the waters on their dime first.  Start by selecting Kids ( 12 mos &up) and Women's Items from your house that are gently used and pack them in the bag. Document, Document, Document as you pack write down what you put in, and if you won't remember what the items are snap a pic. I do this because you only see what is accepted and to become a star Thred up super supplier you need to know what is rejected so you can avoid sending these things in the future. Try and shoot for better brands as they will pay out more. (Best Brands to send further in the tutorial) There is a calculator on their site which will approximate how much you will get for the items you send. 

3. In approx 5-7 days ( if you are on the east coast as they are on the west coast) you will get an email stating that your shipment has been received. Approx 2-3 days later an email will come with your payout amount. In the meantime visit the Thred up clothesline daily and examine what other people are making off their bags, This is the best way to get a sense of what Thred up is looking for and how much they are willing to pay for certain items. As you grow as a Thred Up super supplier this will help you choose items/brands to source out.

4. Homework time !! When your payout email arrives pull out the itemized list and make any notes compare what was accepted and what was not. Try and make notes for you self for future Thred Up shipments. This process can either be exciting or slightly disappointing. Sometimes things that you thought for sure would be accepted are not and this can leave you a bit disheartened and sometimes you will get an amazing payout on an item you only paid a little for ...this is a numbers game and having a discerning eye is key. 

Time for the Big Leagues......

Now that you have gone through the process once(and cleared out your own closet...yay!) you can step up your game and start sourcing! You are using your own money and time for this so this is not for everyone, You may not see a return on your investment for up to 3-4 weeks. I have been lucky and able to double my money each time but allow yourself sometime to get familiar with the process, if you find that you are not making a profit or just breaking even this might not be for you.

Step 1: Sourcing
Sourcing quality goods can be done a number of ways the first way is obvioulsy the thrift store. 
Thrift Store
Finding goods at the thrift store is a great way to turn a profit but you have to be smart and take your time. Using your list of brand names slowly search out gently used duds starting with the higher profit items first such as: jackets, dresses, skirts, and jeans/pants/ sweaters. Carefully examine each item before putting them in your cart, This should be a best practice. Its easy to start going crazy thinking of all the profit you intend to make but remember 50% or more of your shipment  could potentially be rejected so to reduce this risk look each item over carefully before commiting to buy it. Check seams, buttons & for stains or tears. Also, look for too much wear. If an item still has the original manufacturers tags on it even better! You will earn more, although this is not a guarentee of acceptance as the item might still have a stain. When I say check and double check I mean it this is part of maintaining a high profit. 
Things to note-
-most thrift stores do not take returns so make sure to double check all items before cashing out
-you will need to take advantage of there 50% off sales and other discounts to make a profit. Usually the thrift stores run 50% off certain colors tags or other methods to push through their large inventories.  You will need to use these sales if you want to make a huge profit. Sometimes you can even find coupons in the paper or use student, senior, or military id's to get an additional discount. If you buy full price at a thrift store even though it may seem inexpensive you will not be able to double you money. You must take advantage of the sales.

Craigslist is another great way to find gently used clothing. Many times people are selling  a "lot" of used clothing for a specific price. Usually kids but sometimes women's as well.
Always be careful using craigslist as it does have a certain creep factor to it. When you find a seller always check the bags to make sure indeed what is in the bag. Many times people will put the higher priced items on top to cover up the remainder of Walmart branded clothes. Count all the items in the bag and try and keep you price per item to below .50 per kids item and 1.00 for women's this will help you maintain an overall profit margin as you will most likely have to take the whole bag for one price & you will probably only be able to send in a portion of it.
Also Check the free section sometimes people just want to get rid of stuff, This is pure profit!! Posting that you buy gently used clothing is ok, but avoid misrepresenting yourself as a charity or anything of the like. This is just low, and will greatly reduce your karma!

Garage Sales
I personally love this avenue! It is a great way to spend a day outdoors and it a bit like a treasure hunt! Garage sales are great for profit margin because clothing is usually not a top priority for garage sales owners and mostly they are willing to part with clothes for dirt cheap. Also, you can try bundling & barganing items for your best discount! 

Friends & family
Let it be known that you will buy gently used clothes or even help them clean out their closets. A great way to catch up and earn cash!!

Step 2: Getting it ready for your Thred Up super Supplier shipment
Now that you have all your great clothing items you must get them ready to send out. Collect these items before starting
- a large box
-packing tape
-a printed thred up invoice (you will need to sign up as a thred up super supplier first on their site )
-lint roller or you can use the packing tape
-thread and needle, buttons, stain remover, wet rag (for any small imperfections you may have missed)
-scale for weighing boxes

Begin by assembling your box. I usually pick a large sturdy cardboard box- I aim to load the box to about 55lbs as this is the sweet spot for shipping. 
Thred up does not accept anything over 60lbs so be mindful when packing. I ship USPS from the east coast and this typically costs around $55. This is part of your overall cost and profit so I always go as big as possible. Shipping (2) 25 pound boxes will cost you more as than one 55lb box. You can always use their bags for free but you get a 50% bonus when you pay for your own shipping, This bonus has always covered the price I paid for shipping plus some so i recommend this avenue to increase your profits. i.e..... you send in a 55lb box and thred up pays you $175 for the items, they then pay you a bonus of $87.50 for paying for the shipping yourself. You paid $55 for shipping so the bonus covered your shipping plus you earned an extra $32.50 cha ching! 

As you pack double check them again for imperfections or smells. Do not even bother sending in items that do not meet the criteria. It is a waste of your shipping $$ as they will just be rejected. If you are on the fence about items it is better to put them aside and use the thred up bags and ship them separatley.

Fold the items neatly and if you have any matching items (suits, 2 piece sets etc...) paperclip them together for extra $$
*** Note: with 2 piece sets if one item is rejected you lose both items so sometimes it a better policy just to send them as separates depending on the condition.

Going forward you might want to consider tracking the items you send in like you did with the first shipment, if not at the very least get a piece count. Know how many items you sent in so you can determine how profitable you shipment was. I recommend keeping a spreadsheet for you records as I do. Remember this is a business so profit and accounting are important!

Make sure you include you super supplier label in the box, then tape it up good and Ship!!!

Step 4: Waiting Period/Cashing out
Waiting for your payout email can be agonizing it is a bit of roulette, but if you have ensured that you met all the criteria of thred up, and were smart about packing and shipping you should be profitable. I consider doubling my money spent in 3-4 weeks a good investment of my time and money but everyone will not have the same results. This is indeed a skill set which you have to refine and know the risks ( you $$ and time). During this waiting period you can start sourcing for your next box!!
Once you have received your payout email you will have the option of using the credit in their store or waiting  2 weeks and getting a cash payout through paypal. If you do not have a paypal account set one up immediately as this is the only way to collect your $$. In addition a 2% fee will be taken off your payout for paypal fees.

Step 5: Use Thred Up for shopping!
It is great that we can leverage thred up for earning, but consider shopping with them too! If you find luck in this business it is in your best interest to keep them profitable so you can continue earning. Spread the word to your friends and family and you will earn $10 store credit and they will get $10 off their fist  purchase! A win win all around!!!!
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Brands To Source:
-J Crew
-Banana Republic
-Kenneth Cole
-Free People
-Calvin Klein

-Talbots Kids
-RalphLauren Kids