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Paid To Post


 Per post  $0.01                     ref earnings: 25%               payout   $10.00

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Get Paid To Click
This is the best & stable  paid to click site & was online for many years.


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Get Paid to Download


  Earnings  $0.001/download                   referral:  $0.10/ref             payout   $10.00

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Get Paid To Click


 Per click  $0.03                    ref click: 30%              payout   $3.00

Aurora sites- Many ways to earn from these sites
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Donkeymails: No Minimum Payout

 Per click  $0.01                    ref click: 10%(5 level)               payout   $1.00

 Per click  $0.01                    ref click: $0.005               payout   $1.00


 Per click  $0.01                    ref click: $0.005               payout   $1.00

Paid To Surf
Get paid for surfing online

Easyhits4u(TE site)
1:1 Traffic Exchange

 Per click  $0.30/1000pages                    ref click: 10c+ 10%               payout   $3.00

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