Earn Money From Shares

You can earn money from depending on the number of shares you have. So if You have more shares, more will be your earnings. You don't have to buy shares but you can earn them.
You can earn shares by doing some activity like clicking links or doing some sign up activity. A great advantage of the sites will be that you will receive money even if you don't login for a few days.

Example as to how you can earn money
If the site earns $50 in a day & there are 10000 shares, then value per share = 50/10000 = $0.005
If you have 100 shares with you, you will earn $0.50 per day. So you will continue to ean money daily even if you don't login to the account.
(Remember that this is only an example & the actual figures will vary)

1) Myfreeshares:

This is one of the most trusted sites to earn money from shares you have. You can earn shares by
  • Clicking on links
  • Doing free signup tasks
  • By referring people
Earnings: You will earn Depending on the number of shares you have & the value of per day share varies depending on the site income.
Payout: $0.10


2) Trafficnowfire:
This is a nice site where in you can either get traffic to your site or earn shares from where you will earn money. Here you will earn points which can be traded for advertisements or for shares.

You can earn points by:

  • Adding, Clicking  (50-300pts)
  • Voting Links (20pts)
  • Completing Member Offers (50,000+ pts)
  • Referring Others (2,500pts)
  • Upgrading to PRO
  • Creating Blogs (1,500+)
  • Purchasing Advertising
  • Subscribe to and Reading Paid Email
  • Logging in Everyday

There are more ways like contests, blogs, discussion &more. The site really has potential to earn some money & get some traffic even though it will be a tough start.

You can Earn Shares By:    

  • Trade your points; 6,000 points = 1 share.
  • For achieving 5,000 points EVERYDAY
  • for each paid email ad you read
  • purchasing any paid advertising
  • each premium member offer you complete.

The Payout will be at $20. Earnings from shares will be credited every week.