I am an Electronic Resources Librarian, which means that, among other competencies, I am skilled in the management of online journals, research databases, newspapers, e-books, and other digital resources. 

I work at the Kelvin Smith Library of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.  I am also involved in community outreach. 

My interests include:
  • traditional oral literature of West Africa
  • early science fiction
  • fantasy
  • digital literacy
  • classical jazz vocalists
  • and nature hikes

I am passionate about environmental issues and I support Earth Day's global activities.

My favorite nourishment is ice cream, or as we
acolytes call it,  food of the gods.  

Comment on Jazz Vocalists

After Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan, Carmen McRae is probably the greatest jazz interpreter that ever lived. Her rendition of Monk's 'Round Midnight is unparallelled. Interestingly, three of Etta James' later albums, Mystery Lady, Blue Gardenia, and Heart of a Lady lifted her to the exalted ranks of great jazz vocalists and shattered a lot of preconceptions.