Samyutta Nikaya

Kindred Sayings of the Buddha

Translations and annotations by Piya Tan


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S 1.20 Samiddhi Sutta The Dharma is right here and now.

S 1.33 Sadhu Sutta The benefits of giving

S 3.9 (Pasenadi) Yanna Sutta The better sacrifice.

S 3.19 Aputtaka Sutta 1 Wealth is meant to be enjoyed.

S 3.20 Aputtaka Sutta 2 Wealth is no assurance of happiness.

S 4.159 Bhikkhuni Sutta Fighting poison with poison.

S 4.199 Tanha Jalini Sutta How craving manifests itself in 108 ways.

S 6.1 Ayacana Sutta  Brahma requests the Buddha to teach the Dharma

S 6.2 Garava Sutta Even the Teacher Respects the Teaching

S 6.3 Brahmadeva Sutta The high god does not need offering


S 7.8 Aggika Bharadvaja Sutta The true fire burns brightly within

S 7.9 Sundarika Sutta Who is truly worthy of offerings?

S 11.3 Dhajagga Sutta The recollections of the three jewels

S 11.15 Yajamana Sutta Even material giving is fruitful

S 11.16 Yajamana Sutta Even material giving is fruitful

S 12.10 Maha Sakyamuni Gotama Sutta How the Buddha awakened.

S 12.12 Moliya Phagguna Sutta There is no self behind our mental processes.

S 12.19 Balena Pandita Sutta Proof for the three-life dependent arising.

S 12.48 Lokayatika Sutta The middle way between extremes. 

S 12.53 Puttamamsa Sutta The true nature of food.

S 12.61 Assutava Sutta 1 Impermanence of mind, dependent arising, nibbida.

S 12. 62 Assutava Sutta 2 Understanding feelings leads to nibbida.

S 12.64 Atthiraga Sutta The nature of the arhat’s consciousness.

S 12.65 Nagara Sutta How the Buddha awakened: the parable of the city.

S 12.17 Acela Kassapa Sutta 1 True nature of action and the middle way.

S 14.7 Sanna Nanatta Sutta How we interpret our experiences.

S 17.35 Pakkanta Sutta  Even in gain, the evil decline.

S 17.36 PancarathasataSutta Even in gain, the evil decline. 


S 21.1 Kolita Sutta The Noble Silence

S 22.3 Haliddakani Sutta True renunciation. 

S 22.22 Bhara Sutta. The is no "person" in the aggregates.

S 22.24 Abhijana Sutta The aggregates have to be directly known

S 22.47 Samanupassana Sutta Looking into the true nature of things.

S 22.48 Dve Khandha Sutta What really is one's "identity"?

S 22.51 Khandha Nandikkhaya Sutta 1 Mental Liberation through reflecting on the aggregates as impermanent. 

S 22.52 Khandha Nandikkhaya Sutta 2 Mental Liberation through wisely considering on the aggregates.

S 22.55 Udana Sutta Consciousness works with the aggregates

S 22.61 Khandha Aditta Sutta The aggregates burn with pain

S 22. 79 Khajjaniya Sutta Understanding the aggregates leads to liberation

S 22.82 = M 109 Maha Punnama Sutta The 5 aggregates, clinging, identity view and not-self.

S 22.85 Yamaka Sutta The aggregates & the arhat's indefinable states.

S 22.86 Anuradha Sutta The nature of the Tathagata. 

S 22. 95 Phenapinda Sutta The true nature of the aggregates.

S 22.101 Vasijata Sutta How to meditate

S 22.102 Aniccasanna Sutta (or Aniccata Sutta) The primacy of reflecting on impermanence 

S 22.103 Anta Sutta "Identity" in the light of the four noble truths

S 22.126 Samudayadhamma Sutta Reflection on impermanence of the 5 aggregates

S 24.6 Karota Sutta How the doctrine of non-action arises

S 24.7 Hetu Sutta How the wrong view of non-causality arises

S 25.1 Anicca Cakkhu Sutta How to be awaken in this life itself

S 35.68 Samiddhi Sutta 4 Our senses are the world.

S 35.79 Avijja Sutta How true knowledge arises.

S 35.155 Ajjatta Nandikkhaya Sutta Mental liberation through reflecting the senses as impermanent.

S 35.156 Bahiddha Nandikkhaya Sutta Mental liberation through reflecting the sense-objects as impermanent.

S 35.234 (Anatta) Udayi Sutta Neither the body nor the mind has a self.

S 35.240 Kummopama Sutta The benefits of restraining the senses.

S 35.247 Chapana Sutta Taming the animal-like sense-faculties.

S 40.1 Pathama Jhana Panha Sutta How to progress in the first dhyana.

S 40.2 Dutiya Jhana Panha Sutta How to progress in the second dhyana.

S 40.3 Tatiya Jhana Panha Sutta How to progress in the third dhyana.

S 40.4 Catuttha Jhana Panha Sutta How to progress in the third dhyana.

S 40.5 Akasanancayatana Panha Suttaf How to progress in the sphere of infinite space.

S 40.6 Vinnanancayatana Panha Sutta How to progress in the sphere of infinite consciousness.

S 40.7 Akincannayatana Panha Sutta How to progress in the sphere of nothingness.

S 40.8 Neva,sanna,nasannayatana Panha Sutta How to progress in the sphere of in neither-perception-nor-non-perception.

S 40.9 Animitta Cetosamadhi Panha Sutta How to progress in the signless concentration.

S 42.2 Talaputa Sutta How an actor-dancer became a monk.

S 42.3 Yodhajiva Sutta The mercenary killer's karma.

S 44.9 Kutuhalasala Sutta Rebirth is driven by karmic fuel.

S 45.8 (Magga) Vibhanga Sutta A definition of the path factors. S 46.3 Bojjhanga Sila Sutta Spiritual Friendship and sainthood.

S 46.54 Mettasahagata Sutta How Lovingkindness Leads to Awakening.

S 47.3 Anubaddha Bhikkhu Sutta The mind can only truly focus in mental solitude

S 47.10 Bhikkhuni Vasaka Sutta Directed and undirected cultivations.

S 47.11 Mahapurisa Sutta  Who is truly great?

S 47.12 Nalanda Sutta Sariputta's lion roar; his last meeting with the Buddha

S 47.40 Satipatthana Vibhanga Sutta Insight cultivation through watching impermanence

S 47.48 Satipatthana Mitta Sutta Exhort others to practise satipatthana

S 48.44 Pubbakotthaka Sutta The nature of Faith in Buddhism 


S 51 Iddhipada Samyutta The fourfold path to success.

S 51.15 Unnabha Sutta Not all desires are bad: the path to success.

S 51.158 Nava Sutta The noble eightfold path leads to awakening.

S 52.1 Rahogata Sutta 1  Advance Satipatthana Practice.

S 52.2 Rahogata Sutta 2 Vipassana through satipatthana.

S 54.7 Satipatthana Mahakappina Sutta  Cultivating the breath meditation to reach samadhi.

S 54.10 (Anapanasamadhi) Kimbila Sutta Satipatthana through breath meditation.

S 55.3 Dighavu Sutta Streamwinning and the 6 constituents of true knowledge.

S 55.26 Anathapindika Sutta 1 Bedside Ministry: 10 limbs of streamwinning.

S 55.27 Anathapindika Sutta 2 Bedside Ministry: 4 limbs of streamwinning.

S 55.21 Gati Mahanama Sutta 1 A true follower will not die in vain

S 55.22 Gati Mahanama Sutta 2 A true follower will not die in vain

S 56.11 Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta

S 56.31 Simsapa Sutta All you need to know to be free

S 56.32 Khadira Sutta To be liberated is to know the four noble truths

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