Majjhima Nikaya

Middle Length Discourses of the Pali Canon

Translations and annotations by Piya Tan 

 Copyright by Piya Tan (2001-2009) 


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M 10 Satipatthana Sutta How to cultivate the clear presence of mind

M 13 Maha Dukkhakkhandha SuttaOn the pains of pleasures.

M 18 Madhupindika Sutta Perception and mental proliferation

M 26 Ariyapariyesana Sutta The events leading up to the Great Awakening

M 28 Maha Hatthipadopama Sutta The 4 elements & dependent arising of the 5 aggregates.

M 35 Cula Saccaka Sutta The conversion of a boastful debater.

M 39 Maha Assapura Sutta A recluse should be worth his salt.

M 53 Sekha Sutta The one on the path to spiritual awakening.

M 56 Upali Sutta (081217 without notes) A famous Jain becomes the Buddha's disciple

M 56 Upali Sutta (081221 with notes) A famous Jain becomes the Buddha's disciple.

M 57 Kukkuravatika Sutta As you act, by that you are reborn.

M 64 Maha Malunkyaputta Sutta (The 5 mental fetters and the latent tendencies)

M 72 Aggi Vacchagotta Sutta Nirvana and the problem of language

M 77.15-21 Maha Sakuludayi Sutta The 37 limbs of awakening. 

M 78 Samanamandika Sutta The arhat is beyond good and evil.

M 90 Kannakatthala Sutta Omniscience; caste; do gods return?

M 95 Canki Sutta (Belief & knowledge; Preserving, discovering, and attaining truth)

M 100 Sangarava Sutta Do gods exist?

M 101 Devadaha Sutta   Self mortification, fatalism, karma & omniscience.

M 109 = S 22.82 Maha Punnama Sutta The 5 aggregates, clinging, identity view and not-self.

M 113 Sappurisa Sutta The true individual and the false individual

M 117 Maha Cattarisaka Sutta Right view & how the noble eightfold path works. 

M 119 Kayagatasati Sutta Satipatthana through watching the body

M 122 Maha Sunnata Sutta The Joy of Spiritual Solitude

M 135 Cha Chakka Sutta Understand the six senses leads to liberation.

M 136 Maha Kammavibhanga Sutta Why sometimes the good suffer, the evil prosper.

M 143 Anathapindikovada Sutta Sariputta counsels a dying person.

M 145 Punnovada Sutta When are we ready to teach the Dharma? 

M 152 Indriyabhavana Sutta Mastering the senses.