Anguttara Nikaya

Numerical Sayings of the Buddha


Translated suttas with notes and annotations by Piya Tan

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A 3.15 Pacetana Rathakara Sutta The Nature of abhisankhara.

A 3.40 Adhipateyya Sutta On the true priorities that bring liberation

A 3.53 Sandhitthika Dhamma Brahmana Sutta The Nature of the Dharma

A 3.54 Paribbajaka Brahmana Sutta The Purpose of the Dharma

A 3.57 (Dana) Vacchagotta Sutta Benefits of wise giving

A 3.61 Titthayatana Sutta The three wrong views regarding karma.

A 3.63 Venagapura Sutta The Buddha's qualities and virtue.

A 3.69 Mula Sutta The roots of moral actions.

A 3.71 Channa Paribbajaka Sutta On overcoming the three unwholesome roots.

A 3.76-77 Bhava Sutta 1-2 Karma, rebirth and existence

A 3.81 Gadrabha Samana Sutta Spiritual learning and growth are effected through spiritual training

A 3.88 Ti Sikkha Sutta The training of moral virtue, of mental concentration and wisdom

A 3.100a Pamsudhovaka Sutta Refining your meditation practice.

A 3.100b Nimitta Sutta Samadhi, effort and equanimity.

A 3.101 Pubba Sambodha SuttaThe world can never satisfy one completely.

A 3.128 (Arahatta) Anuruddha Sutta  Anuruddha's awakening.

A 3.134 Dhammaniyama Sutta The characteristics of impermanence, suffering and not-self.

A 4.14 = D 33.1.11 Cattaro Padhana Sutta The 4 right exertions or the dynamics of spiritual growth 

A 4.41 Samadhi Bhavana Sutta Four kinds of samadhi.

A 4.57 Suppavasa Sutta Four blessings from giving food.

A 4.85 = S 3.21 Puggala Sutta Two kinds of decline; kinds of progress.

A 4.87 Samanamacala Sutta 1 Four types of noble saints.

A 4.88 Samanamacala Sutta 2 Four types of noble saints.

A 4.123 (Nanakarana) Puggala Sutta 1 Even the gods fall into hell.

A 4.124 (Nanakarana) Puggala Sutta 2 Non-return through dhyana.

A 4.128 Acchariya Sutta Four marvelous things.

A 4.162 Vitthara Patipada Sutta Spiritual progress by way of the five faculties.

A 4.190 Sangha Uposatha Sutta The spiritual benefits of being a noble disciple.

A 5.2 Panca Sekhabala Sutta Qualities leading to arhathood.

A 5.26 Vimuttayatana Sutta Can liberation be won without meditation?

A 5.31 Sumana Sutta The levels of benefits for the giver.

A 5.148 Sappurisa Dana Sutta True benefits, wealth and their benefits. 

A 5.161 Aghata Pativinaya   Anger management.

A 5.176 Piti Sutta Lay followers, too, should go into solitary retreat.

A 6.10 (Agataphala) Mahanama Sutta The six recollections of the saints.

A 6.26 Sambadhokasa Sutta How to awaken as a lay follower.

A 6.29 Anussatitthana Udayi Sutta The six bases of recollection.

A 6.37 (Sumana) Dana Sutta How to give with wholesome intentions.

A 6.49 Khema Sumana Sutta  The arhat has no notion of status.

A 6.55 Sona Kolivisa Sutta How to balance our spiritual practice.

A 6.56 Phagguna Sutta Benefits of knowing the Dharma at the time of dying.

A 6.57 Chalabhijati Sutta We can rise above our own karma.

A 6.88 Sussusa Sutta How to listen to the Dharma effectively. 

A 6.93 Kinci Sankhara Sutta Things that one of right view would never do.


A 6.98 Anicca Sutta  How to be certain of the path to liberation.

A 7.18 Niddasavatthu Sutta The complete spiritual training in 7 stages.

A 7.39 (Sariputta) Niddasa,vatthu Sutta The complete spiritual training.

A 7.46 Satta Sañña Sutta Seven meditations leading to the Deathless.

A 7.47 Methuna Sutta The 7 bonds of sexuality.

A 7.54 (Dana) Siha Sutta Visible fruits of giving.

A 7.58 Pacala Sutta Eight ways of overcoming drowsiness.

A 8.30 Anuruddha Mahavitakka Sutta  The joy of spiritual life.

A 8.35 Danupapatti Sutta The morally virtuous giver can choose their rebirth.

A 8.36 Punnakiriyavatthu Sutta Giving, moral virtue, meditation.

A 8.59 Atthapuggala Sutta Recollection of the 9 virtues of the Noble Sangha.

A 9.35 Pabbateyya Gavi Sutta How to progress into the dhyanas.

A 10.86 Annadhikarana Sutta Mere book learning does not lead to liberation.

A 10.61 Girimananda Sutta The 10 meditations for the sick.

A 10.174 Akusala Kamma Nidana Sutta The negative root causes of karma.

A 22.76 Pathama Arahata Sutta How the arhats arise.