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updating a classic!

The use of flannelboards in storytimes have always been fun and educational.  This is a wonderful opportunity to highlight the six pre-reading skills (Print Motivation, Vocabulary, Print Awareness, Letter Knowledge, Phonological Awareness, Narrative Skills) Traditionally, flannelboards have been made of a felt-backed easel and simple fannel shapes (bought or homemade) and aide in children's development through playing with manipulatives (if you are not familiar with flannelboards, see's How to Make a Flannelboard).  Often, however, children who are not chosen to help move the flannel pieces during a large group activity become frustrated, angry or withdrawn.

A Digital Flannelboard is simple to make, can be tailored to your group's dynamics and can be projected on a large area so all children can see and participate.  It's is an updated version using a laptop, a computer projector and a wall or screen to project on.  It can be used for larger group presentations or installed on a desktop for individual play.

You will need to have Power Point installed on your computer to open this document. 





Your Assignment:

Create a Power Point Starter and a Digital Flannelboard of your own.  In the Notes Section, mention which early literacy skills you are highlighting.  Upload your Starter and an example to the class wiki.

Make one high quality response to a classmate.  Your assignment should include each of these aspects for a total 15 points

  • Created Power Point starter  (2 pts)
  • Created Digital Flannelboard  (4 pts)
  • Notes Section includes mention of early literacy skills  (3 pts)
  • Powerpoint starter and Digital Flannelboard were successfully uploaded to class wiki  (1 pt)
  • Student responded to a classmate (5 pts)


This workshop is nealy completed!  Follow this link to learn more about ECRR Presentations.

Flannelboard Image from Pacon Creative Projects website

Aiken Drum Digital Flannelboard, "Digital Flannelboard" concept and Power Point Starter by Yvette Couser

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