2010-2011 Projects

    Stephen F. Austin State University

    Department of Elementary Education


    Research Associate Grants

    Morrine T. Perkins Research Associate

    Recipient:  Tracey Covington Hasbun

    The Effectiveness of Shared Reading Interventions with Families of Hispanic Prekindergarten Students

    Research Purpose: 

    The purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of Shared Reading interventions on Spanish-speaking parents’ attitudes towards reading aloud with their children and on the vocabulary scores of the children. 

    Wilma Perkins Jorgensen Research Associate

    Erica S. Dillard

    Title:  Examining the Effects of Embedding Mathematics Content in Early Childhood Education Courses on EC-6 Teachers’ Mathematics Beliefs and Content Knowledge

    Research Project: 
    The purpose of this study is to examine how EC-6 teacher candidates’ past schooling and teacher education experiences influence their attitudes and beliefs about the teaching and learning of mathematics, in addition to, their content knowledge base for mathematics.  The investigation will focus on how beliefs and content knowledge evolve over time.

    Marilyn Perkins Buie Research Associate

    Dr. Hope E. Wilson

    A Mediational Model of Early School Readiness

    Research Purpose:
    The purpose of this study is to construct and test a model to predict early school readiness using background characteristics, parental factors, and early educational experiences of young children. Specifically, the study will model how parental factors and early educational experiences mediate the relationship between background and school readiness.

    Cheryl Athey Research Associate Grant

    Recipients:  Dr. Stephen Josephson/Dr. Jannah Nerren/Dr. Hope E. Wilson

    Title:  Development of Teacher Candidate Dispositions Instrument

    Research Purpose:  The purpose of the study is to develop a reliable and valid instrument with which to measure preservice teachers’ dispositions using both quantitative and qualitative methodology.  

    Jerry Bryce Blackwell Research Associate Grant

    Recipients:  Dr. Carolyn Davis/Dr. Vikki Boatman/Dr. Kimberly Welsh

    Title:  Stephen F. Austin State University Lab Setting Excellence:  Distinguishing Practices

    Research Purpose:  The purpose of the project is to write a book that reviews the history of lab setting development connected to SFASU’s College of Education and reveals the findings surrounding the ten distinguishing practices gleaned during the year one study.

    Research Professorship

    Margaret Hoover Perkins Research Professorship

    Recipient:  Dr. Carolyn Abel, Dr. Jannah Nerren

    Impact of Professional Development Training in Indirect Language Stimulation Techniques on English Language Development in Head Start 3-year-old ESL Students.

    Research Purpose:  
    The primary purpose of the study is to test the impact of indirect language stimulation techniques on low SES 3-year-old ESL preschoolers’ English language development when their teachers integrate these techniques into their regular daily classroom instruction. The following year, these 3-year-olds will move into 4-year-old trained teachers’ classrooms and will continue to be studied.

    Link to Research Update:  http://www.education.sfasu.edu/ele/classes/abel/language/ResearchUPDATE.ppt