How to encourage creativity in young children?

There are many ways for the parents to consciously facilitate the opportunities to cultivate your children creative problem solving skills:

Let your child play: Through play, kids get a hands-on go at experimenting and exploring possibilities. Choose “open ended” toys such as dough, blocks, and dolls which allow children to create their ideas and experiment

Awaken the imagination: Imagination is integral to creative problem solving. Before anyone can solve problems creatively, they must be able to imagine possibilities. Introduce activities that stimulate your Child imagination, such as pretend play and imaginative play, kids learn to be resourceful as well as get to try out different ways of solving problems.

Encourage different perspective: Help the young children to learn to see things from different perspective. Role play is excellent for helping children to see from different viewpoints. Prod your children to challenge assumption (i.e. Is it better for humans to be on two legs?). Children may surprise you by coming up with ways that you could never think of.

Stretch the young mind:
Ask the child “what if” questions and work out as many possible solutions with the child. Play a “out of box” thinking games i.e. use an everyday object and brainstorm for possible different types of usage (i.e. tooth brush, comb, paper clip and etc).

It is important to have free unstructured time for children to think and imagine. Having little time to think and imagine will cease the creativity of a child. Never restrict but give the room to the child to come up with their own ways of solving problem. You will be surprise to find out the remarkable ways of your child’s problem solving skills.

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