Social and emotional needs for children

From the start of life until maturity, children have social and emotion needs, which could be met by all the people they have contact with would be influential and play a significant role in their life, especially during their formative years.

Children need of love and affection (top priority)

Children need the fulfillment of unconditional love, affection and acceptance. They need to ensure that they will always be loved until any kind of conditions. Love and affection are essential to all aspects of children’s development.

Children need security

A child needs to feel secure in order to cope with all that is new and changing in their world.

Children need consistent care and reasonable guidelines

Children need to be able to rely on consistent care by their primary caregivers. They need to be given reasonable guidelines for appropriate behaviour in variety of situations. Give reasonable guidelines for acceptable behaviour and explain about it.

Children need praise, encouragement and recognition

Grow from a helpless infant into self-reliant, self accepting adults an immense amount of emotional, social and intellectual learning. Children need the motivation of praise and encouragement to achieve this. They need to feel valued and be recognised for their accomplishments and achievements.

Children need appropriate responsibility

For children to learn how to act in a responsible way, they need to given appropriate responsibility and encourage being independent will tend to become confident and responsible person whey they grow up.

How to encourage social and emotional development of baby?

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