Garden Fence Designs

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Amedeo Design ResinStone 1900-1G Paneled Pedestal, 15 by 15 by 20-Inch, Lead Gray
Amedeo Design ResinStone 1900-1G Paneled Pedestal, 15 by 15 by 20-Inch, Lead Gray
This paneled pedestal is perfect for displaying a pot or urn. Our classically paneled pedestal is the perfect addition to enhance one of our other pieces. Though they look like ancient European and Mediterranean designs in carved stone, our products are made of lightweight weatherproof ResinStone. So authentic, you actually have to lift them to convince yourself they're not stone at all.


ResinStone is light enough for one person to lift (Venus statue, Grape planter shown)Easy to carry

Easy to load
Lightweight and easy to carry (Venus statue, Grape planter shown)
Add a beautiful accent to your garden, deck, or patio with this Paneled Pedestal architectural piece from Amedeo Design (model 1900-1G), which offers an amazing stone-like appearance that's ideal for use inside and out. So authentic, you actually have to lift it to convince yourself it's not stone at all. Constructed of ResinStone, this 40-year-old proprietary blend of stone talcum, high-performance resin, and fiberglass reinforcement is remarkably light, strong, and repairable. ResinStone can withstand both high and frigid temperatures (from 120 degrees F down to -20 degrees F) and is non-corrosive.
This piece measures 20 by 15 by 15 inches (HxLxW). Weighing 20 pounds, it's far easier to move and reposition than pieces made of heavy stone or concrete. And it's hand-crafted in the USA by local artisans.
Utilizing the highest quality materials and manufacturing in the world through proprietary resins, ingredients, and processes, Amedeo Design backs this product with a lifetime guarantee. Note that it will color with age over time and obtain a natural patina just as any product will due to elements of its placing.

Swing Like a Rusty Gate
Swing Like a Rusty Gate
"If you hear Bing Crosby trying to swing, it doesn't work. He swings like a rusty gate." Frank Stallone Although he is well before my time, Crosby is a favorite voice of mine, but guessing swing is not his thing. I heard this quote a few weeks back and it just went along with my rusty gate, I guess (maybe a bit of a stretch?). Stallone is an interesting character himself, part of a long ago recurring SNL News gag and Sylvester Stallone's brother.
Garden design in progress
Garden design in progress
From bedroom window