Culpepper, Whitley and Ricks Families, 1850 to 1930, Stony Creek Township, Nash County, North Carolina

posted:  19 June 2008, additions:  22 June 2008 and 9 July 2008.

by:  Earl P. Bell, Jr.

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Everyone listed below was born in North Carolina as were their parents.  The census takers went down the road and street recording people.  So, the dwelling numbers and family numbers provide evidence on how close families lived to each other.  The 1860 Census, listed below, documents an impressive concentration of Culpeppers and Whitleys living in the same area within Stony Creek Township in Nash County, North Carolina.

The Whitley, Culpepper and Ricks Families of Stony Creek Township in Nash County, North Carolina have been closely associated, geographically, since 1850.  Also, these families, during this time period, have intermarried making the bond between them even closer.  I find the following information from the various censuses fascinating to research and analyze.  A part of my kin in the Bell Family have intermarried with them as well.  I hope that the modern descendants of these families will find this information interesting and perhaps some of the blood relatives will want to do even more indepth research.


[taken:  8 April 1930.  By:  Marvin Sasser]

Dwelling#      Family #  
78    79    WHITLEY, CHARLES [CHARLIE] H.  Head,  60 yrs. old, married at 25.  Farmer
        [b.  20 Sept. 1869.  d.  12 March 1937]. Second Wife:  Gertrude Joyner.

        WHITLEY, MARY [RICKS], wife, 62 yrs. old, married at 27 [b. 10 May 1867 d. 6 Feb. 1932]

        CULPEPPER, EULA [WHITLEY], daughter,  30 yrs old, married at 21.  [b.  January, 1900.
        d. 1977]
        CULPEPPER, WILLIAM, grandson,  8 yrs. old, single  [b.  26 Sept. 1921.  d.  22 May 2005]

[Charles and Mary Whitley were married in 1895;  Eula Whitley Culpepper was married in 1920, according to the 1930 Census.  Everything needs to be doubled checked several times by comparing census data , family records and other official records in Nash County and the State of North Carolina.]

70    71    Culpepper, Harvey A. [Andrew], Head, 28 yrs. old, married at 21, can read and write, Farmer, Rents

                 Culpepper, Etta [Hackney], wife, 24 yrs. old, married at 17.  [d. 21 March 1934.  Father: Joseph

                    Lee Hackney.  Mother:  Sarah E. Smith]

                 Culpepper, Merle, daughter, 6 yrs. old

                 Culpepper, Lula V., daughter, 4 3/12 yrs. old

                  Culpepper, Harvey, Jr., son, 2 8/12 yrs. old

                  Culpepper, Milton C., son, 8/12 months old

                  Culpepper, John W., father, 54 yrs. old, widower

                  Culpepper, Hudson R., brother, 22 yrs. old, Farm Laborer

[Harvey Andrew Culpepper. b. 29 October 1901. d. 17 June 1965.  Father:  John W. Culpepper.  Mother:  Lula

Ann Jackson]

259    280    Culpepper, Mary, Head, 56 yrs. old, widow, Farmer, can not read or write

                    Culpepper, James, son, 17 yrs. old, can read and write, Farm Laborer

                    Culpepper, Willie, son, 15 yrs. old, can read and write, Farm Laborer

                    Culpepper, Bessie, daughter, 20 yrs. old, can read and write 

79    80    Whitley, Paul D., Head, 29 yrs old, married at 20, Farmer [b. 5 Feb. 1901.  d. March, 1976]
        Whitley, Ethel [Ann Davis], wife, 29 yrs old,  married at 20
        Whitley, Vivian, daughter, 8 yrs old
        Whitley, Paul D, son, 8/12
        Whitley, Charles H., son, 8/12

[Paul and Ethel Whitley were married in 1921]

59    59    Joyner, E. Gold, Head, 26 yrs. old,  married at 22, Farmer, Owns Farm

        JOYNER, [CULPEPPER], ROSA, 27 years old, married at 22, can read and write

        Joyner, Lillian R., daughter, 5 yrs old

        Culpepper, Helen, mother, 69 yrs old, widow, can read and write [Her parents were Dorsey Davis and Ms. Weaver]

        Culpepper, Bennett, brother, 32 yrs. old,  married at 22, can read & write, farm laborer
 [Meady Bennett Culpepper. b. 7 Feb. 1898.  m.  1921 to Eula Whitley.  d.  23 Nov. 1937.  His parents were George Washington Culpepper and Helen Ann Davis]

[George W. Culpepper died between 1920 and 1930 since he does not appear in the Census of 1930 and his wife Helen Culpepper is identified, living with her daughter Rosa Culpepper Davis,  as Rosa’s mother]

62    62    Davis, Mart A., Head, 40 yrs. old, married at 22, Farmer, Owns Farm
        DAVIS, [CULPEPPER], LILLIA, wife, 4o yrs. old, married at 22
        Davis, Beatrice, daughter, 17 yrs. old, Single
        Davis, George, son, 14 yrs. old [named for his grandfather]
        Davis, Helen, daughter, 11 yrs. old [name for her grandmother]
        Davis, Margaret, daughter, 9 yrs. old
        Davis, Willis E., son, 5 yrs. old


[Taken:  4 March 1920.  By:  Richard T. Griffin]

Dwelling#    Family#

60    60    Culpepper, John W., Head, 44 yrs. old, married, Farmer, Owns Farm
        Culpepper, Annie L., wife, 44 yrs. old, married
        Culpepper, Harvey A., son, 18 yrs. old
        Culpepper, Tellie [Tilly], daughter, 15 yrs. old
        Culpepper, Hudson R., son, 13 yrs. old

93    94    WHITLEY, CHARLEY H., Head, 50 yrs. old.  Farmer,  Owns Farm

        WHITLEY, MARY A., wife, 51 yrs. old.

        WHITLEY, EULA,  daughter,  20 yrs. old

        Whitley, Paul D. , son, 19 yrs. old

        BELL, PAUL V., Lodger, 26 yrs. old. [b.  10 Sept. 1893.  d.  30 January 1965]

        BELL, ROSA P. {WHITLEY] , Lodger, 23 yrs. old. [2 Sept. 1895.  d.  8 July 1974]

91    92    CULPEPPER, GEORGE W., Head, 59 yrs. old  Farmer  Owns Farm

        CULPEPPER, HELEN A., wife, 57 yrs. old

        CULPEPPER, BENNETT M., son, 22 yrs. old

        Culpepper, Corah, daughter, 19 yrs. old

139    139    Whitley, Annie E., Head, 39 yrs old,  widow
        Whitley, Roy T., son, 18 yrs. old
        Whitley, Lizzie, daughter, 11 yrs. old
        Whitley, Lonnie, son, 8 yrs. old
        Whitley, Bessie, daughter, 5 6/12 yrs. old

[Joseph W. Whitley, husband of Annie E. Whitley, died beween 1910 and 1920 because he does not appear in the U.S. Census of 1920.]


{Taken:  30 April 1910.  By:  George D. Coley]

Dwelling #    Family#
237    240    WHITLEY, CHARLIE H.,  Head,  41 yrs. old,  married 15 yrs,  Farmer,  Owns  Farm

        WHITLEY, MARY,  Wife,  42 yrs. old, married: 15 yrs, 5 children born, 4 alive

        WHITLEY,  ROSA,  daughter,  14 yrs. old

        Whitley, Henry,  son,  12 yrs. old

        WHITLEY, EULA,  daughter,  10 yrs. old

        Whitley, Paul,  son,  9 yrs. old

236    239    Whitley, Willy J.,  Head,  41 yrs. old,  married 9 yrs.,  Farmer,  Owns Farm
        Whitley, Annie L.  wife, 29 yrs old,  married 9 yrs,  4 born, 3 alive
        Whitley, Joseph J. ,  son,  6 yrs old
        Whitley, Archy B.,  son,  4 yrs old
        Whitley, Erotis (?), daughter, 2 yrs old
        Whitley, Richard R., uncle, 74 yrs. old

239    242    Whitley, Willie,  Head,  37 yrs. old,  married 7 yrs,  Farmer,  Owns  Farm
        Whitley, Mollie,  wife,     31 yrs old, married 7 yrs.

260    261    Whitley, J (ospeh) W., Head, 31 yrs. old,  married 11 yrs,  Farmer, Owns Farm
        Whitley, Annie ,  wife,     30 yrs. old,  4 children born, 4 alive
        Whitley, Ernest,  son,  10 yrs. old
        Whitley, Roy,  son,  8 yrs. old
        Whitley, Floyd,  son,  6 yrs. old
        Whitley, Lizzie, daugher, 1 10/12 yrs old

261    265    Whitley, Turner B., Head, 49 years old, married 12 yrs., Farmer, Owns
        Whitley, Lucy F., wife, 35 yrs. old,  7 born, 5 alive
        Whitley, Joel G.,  son,  9 yrs. old
        Whitley, Leona, daughter, 7 yrs. old
        Whitley, Alger, son, 3 yrs. old
        Whitley, Lessie, daughter, 3 yrs. old
        Whitley, Lula,  daughter,  2 yrs. old

293    298    CULPEPPER, GEORGE W., Head, 50 yrs. old, married 28 yrs. Farmer, Owns

        CULPEPPER, HELEN,  wife,  48 yrs. old,  8 born, 6 alive

        Culpepper, Willie,  son, 23 yrs. old, Farmer

        Culpepper, Cora,  daughter, 21 yrs. old
        Culpepper, Lillie, daughter, 20 yrs. old

        Culpepper, Maggie, daughter, 17 yrs. old

        Culpepper, Bennie, son, 12 yrs. old

        Culpepper, Rosa, daughter, 7 yrs. old

240    242    Culpepper, John W.,  Head,  34 yrs. old, Second Marriage, been married 3 yrs. , Farmer
        Culpepper, Annie,  wife,  33 yrs old
        Culpepper, Maddie,  daughter, 10 yrs of age
        Culpepper, Harvey, son, 8 yrs. of age
        Culpepper, Tellis, daughter, 5 yrs. of age
        Culpepper, Hudson, son, 3 yrs. of age



Dwelling#    Family#
210    212    WHITLEY, CHARLES,  Head,  33 yrs old (April, 1867), married: 6 yrs (1893), Farmer, Owns Farm

        WHITLEY, MARY O.,  wife,  32 yrs old (January, 1868), married 6 yrs., 3 born, 3 alive.

        WHITLEY, ROSA, daughter, 6 yrs. old (April, 1894)

        Whitley, Henry, son, 3 yrs. old (March, 1897)

        WHITLEY, BABY (EULA), 4/12 months old (January, 1900)

        Ricks, William, Boarder, 27 yrs. old (August, 1846]; 53 yrs. old,  Farn Laborer

Dwelling#    Family
348    352    Whitley, Joel, Head, 76 yrs. old (August, 1823) married 51 yrs.,Farmer, Owns Farm
        Whitley, Elizabeth, wife, 69 yrs. old (May, 1831) married 18 yrs.

[Joel Whitley and his second wife Elizabeth, both died between 1900 and 1910, in other words, they do not appear in the 1910 Census.]

    353    Whitley, Joseph, Head, 32 yrs. old (May, 1868), married 4 yrs., Farmer,  Owns Farm.
        Whitley, Annie, wife, 18 yrs. old (June, 1881)

Farm    Family
350    355    WHITLEY, CATHERINE, Head, 69 yrs. old (Dec. 1830), widow, mother of 12, 5 living.
            Owns Farm
        Whitley, Bettie, daughter, 35 yrs. old (Oct. 1864), Single

        Whitley, Mary, daugher, 33 yrs. old (Aug. 1866), Single

        Whitley, Willie, son, 27 years old (Feb. 1873), Single

[Catherine Whitley is the widow of Henry A. Whitley, the father of Charles [Charlie] Whitley, she was his mother.    She will died between 1900 and 1910, in other words, she does not appear in the 1910 Census.  Henry A. Whitley died between 1880 and 1900.  Remember, there is no Census for 1890.  Most of the 1890 Census was destroyed in 1921 during a fire in the basement of the Commerce Building in Washington, D.C.  Thus, we have a twenty year gap between the Census of 1880 and the Census of 1900]

405    410    CULPEPPER, GEORGE [Washington], Head,  40 yrs. old (Oct. 1859), Married 18 yrs, Farmer, Owns Farm [d. 30 Nov. 1922]        

        CULPEPPER, HELEN,  wife,  37 yrs. old (March, 1861), 7 born, 5 alive [d.  12 Oct. 1932]

        Culpepper, Cora, daughter, 17 yrs old (Sept. 1882)

        Culpepper, Willie, son, 13 yrs of age (Sept. 1886)

        Culpepper, Lilla, daughter, 10 yrs. of age (July, 1889)

        Culpepper, Maggie, daughter, 8 yrs. of age (Aug. 1892)

        CULPEPPER, BENNIE, son, 2 yrs. old (Feb., 1898)

406    411    Whitley, Richard,  Head,  67 yrs. old (January, 1833), Farmer

CENSUS OF 1900, NASH COUNTY, NC, Cooper’s Township

Dwelling#    Family#
388    392    Culpepper, John W., Head, 24 yrs. old (Nov.1875), married 2 yrs.,  Farmer, Owns
        Culpepper, Lula A. W., wife, 16 yrs. old (Nov. 1883), married 2. yrs.
        Culpepper, Maddie M., daughter, 10/12 yrs. old (July, 1899)


[Taken: 2 June 1880.  By:  Redmund Bunn]

Dwelling #    Family#
279    280    Whitley, Joel B., 56 yrs. old, Farmer, Owns Farm
        Whitley, Mary A. B., wife, 50 years old
        Whitley, Eliza Anna, daughter, 20 yrs. old
        Whitley, Turner B., son, 18 yrs. old
        Whitley, Willie J., son, 12 yrs. old

280    281    *WHITLEY, HENRY A., 52 years old, Farmer, Owns Farm

        *WHITLEY, CATHERINE, wife, 49 years old

        Whitley, Lucy A., daughter, 21 years old

        Whitley, Darcy A., daughter, 19 years old

        Whitley, Medora Ann, daughter, 17 years old

        Whitley, Mollie, daughter, 13 years old

        Whitley, Billie, daughter, 15 years old

        *WHITLEY, CHARLEY H., son, 10 years old

        Whitley, Jon Ricks, daughter, 7 years old

[brothers and sisters of Charlie Whitley]

283    284    RICKS, AMOS, 65 yrs. old, Head, Farmer  [b.  15 April 1815.  d.  13 March 1890]

        RICKS, MARTHA [HILL], wife, 55 yrs. old  [b.  2 Sept. 1825.  d.  21 June 1891]

        Ricks, William D., son, 33 yrs. old [b.  1848.  d.  5 July 1905]

        Ricks, Joseph, son, 28 yrs. old  [b.  21 Nov. 1853.  d.  15 June 1910]

        Ricks, Telfair, son, 24 yrs. old

        Ricks, Henrietta, daughter, 18 yrs. old [b. 26 Aug. 1859.  d.  9 Jan. 1925]

        Ricks, Nancy (Nannie) C., daughter, 15 yrs. old, deaf & dumb [b.  1863.  d.  7 Dec. 1936]

        *RICKS, MARY ANN [Whitley], daughter, 12 yrs. old

        Joyner, Adelia, granddaughter,  15 years old

[brothers and sisters of Mary Ricks Whitley]

301    302    Culpepper, Henry H., Head, 59 yrs old, Farmer & Carpenter
        Culpepper, Susan V.,  daughter, 16 yrs. old, Keeping House
        Culpepper, William C., son, 10 yrs. old.

302    303    Culpepper, John, Head, 42 yrs. of age, Farmer
        Culpepper, Emoilhus Jane, 30 years old, wife
        Culpepper, Fannie, 10 years  old
        Culpepper, John William, 3 yrs. old
        Culpepper, German, 2 yrs. old.


    OFFICE:  NASHVILLE.  TAKEN:  8 August 1870

157        165    RICKS, AMOS, 55 yrs old, Farmer, $2000 Real Estate, $1000 Personal Estate, can not read
                or write

            RICKS, MARTHA {HILL], 45 yrs. old,  Keeping House, can not read or write

            Ricks, William, 22 yrs old, Farm Laborer

            Ricks, Columbus, 21 yrs. old, Farm Laborer

            Ricks, Josiah, 16 yrs. old, Farm Laborer

            Ricks, Telfair, 14 yrs. old, Farm Laborer

            Ricks, Henrietta, 1 2 yrs. old, At Home

            Ricks, Nancy, 8 yrs. old

            RICKS, MARY, 3 yrs. old

182        190    CULPEPPER, WILLIAM, 80 yrs. old, Farmer

            CULPEPPER, ELIZABETH, 77 yrs. old, Keeping House, can not read or write

            Culpepper, John, 32 yrs. old, Farmer, can not read or write

            Culpepper, Amelius, 25 yrs. old, can not read or write

            Culpepper, Fanny, 1 yrs. old.

183        191    CULPEPPER, H.[HENRY]  H. [HARRISON],  50 yrs. old, Farmer, can not read or write

            CULPEPPER, CATHERINE [BRASWELL], 33 yrs. old, Keeping House  

            [Henry Harrison Culpepper and Catherine Braswell married on 24 June 1841 in Nash County, NC]

            Culpepper, Mary E., 14 yrs. old, at home

            Culpepper, William L., 12 yrs. old, Farm Laborer

            CULPEPPER, GEORGE W., 10 yrs. old, Farm Laborer

            Culpepper, Cicero, 7 yrs old  [b.  1 June 1862.  d.  3 Oct. 1943]

            Culpepper, Susan, 6 yrs. old

            Culpepper, Cornelia, 3 yrs. old

            Culpepper, Ardilla (female), 3 yrs old

            Culpepper, Reuben A., 2 yrs. old

            Culpepper, Thomas, 1 yrs. old

            Curle, Salnlie, 45 yrs. old, Keeping House

243    256    WHITLEY, HENRY A., 42 yrs. old, Farmer, Owns farm, $697 value of
            real estate; $350 personal worth. can not read or write.

        WHITLEY, CATHERINE, wife, 40 yrs. old,  Keeping House.

        Whitley, Lucy A., daugher, 13 yrs. old, At Home

        Whitley, Lucien, son, 10 yrs. old, At Home

        Whitley, Madora, daughter, 9 yrs. old

        Whitley, Elizabeth, daughter, 6 yrs. old

        Whitley, Mollie, daughter, 4 yrs. old

        WHITLEY, CHARLES H.  11/12 months old

[brothers and sisters of Charlie Whitley]

241    254    Whitley, Arthur, 46 yrs. old, $750 value of real estate, $300 of
        personal worth, Farmer, Owns farm
        Tucker, Martha, 26 yrs. old, Keeping House
        Tucker, Alice, 10 yrs. old,  At Home
        Tucker, Jackey E., 2 yrs. old

242    255    Whitley, Joel B., 47 yrs. old, Farmer, Owns farm
        Whitley, Mary, wife, 40 yrs. old
        Whitley, Ellen, 19 yrs. old, At Home
        Whitley, Florence F., 16 yrs. old, At Home
        Whitley, Eliza Ann, 11 yrs old, At Home
        Whitley, Turner B., 9 yrs. old
        Whitley, Willie J., 2 yrs. old
        Westray, Archibald, 45 year old black male, farm laborer


[Taken:  26 July 1860.  By: John W. Bryant]

Dwelling    Family
1304    1239    *Culpepper, Henry W., Head, 44 yrs old, Carpenter, $75 personal estate

        *Culpepper, Catherine, wife, 24 yrs. old, can not read or write
        Culpepper, Martha, daughter, 15 yrs., old
        Culpepper, Mary E., daughter, 3 yrs. old
        Culpepper, Jethro D., son, 2 yrs. old
        *Culpepper, George W., son, 10/12 months old

1308    1243    Whitley, Jolly, Head, 20 yrs. old, Farmer, $700 Real Estate; $2400
        Personal Estate, can not read or write [b. 1837, Nash Co.NC.  m.  16 Feb. 1860, Nash County, NC.  d.  1 July         1963, w. Gettsburg, PA.  30 North Carolina Infantry, Company I]  married to: Delana or Delany Batchelor 

        Whitley, Delany, 18 yrs. old, married in 1860 [her second marriage on 9 June 1867 to Browne Batchelor]

1309    1244    Whitley, J(oel) B., Head, 37 yrs. old, Farmer, $2000 Real Estate;
        $3500 Personal Estate      

        Whitley, Mary, wife, 30 yrs. old
        Whitley, Henretta E., daughter, 8 yrs. old
        Whitley, Florence V., daughter, 5 yrs. old
        Whitley, Jo Anne, daughter, 4 yrs. old
        Whitley, Anna, daughter, 2 yrs. old

1310    1245    Whitley, Henry, Head, 32 yrs. old, Farmer, $1300 Real Estate;
        $1500 Personal Estate
        Whitley, Catherine, wife, 30 yrs. old
        Whitley, Lucy, daughter, 3 yrs. old
        Whitley, Jenny (?), daughter, 6/12 months old

1311    1246    Whitley, Richard, Head,  27 yrs. old, Farmer, $684 Real Estate;
        $200 Personal Estate
1312    1247    Whitley, Willie, Head, 70 yrs. old, Farmer, $950 Real Estate;
        $3500 Personal Estate
        Rackley,  Martha, 12 yrs. old
        Thorn, Benny, 49 yrs. old, male, black, Farm Laborer

1313    1248    Whitley, Arthur, Head, 34 yrs. old, Farmer, $100 Real Estate;
        $4000 Personal Estate, can not read or write
        Whitley, Piety, Wife, 47 yrs. old, can not read and write

1314    1249    Culpepper, William, 68 yrs. old, Farmer, $1800 Real Estate;
        $500 Personal Estate
        Culpepper, Elizabeth, wife, 64 yrs. old
        Culpepper, William, son, 23 yrs. old, farm laborer
        Culpepper, John, son, 22 yrs. old, farm laborer
        Locus, Lucinda,  20 yrs old, black female
        Locus, Richard, 16 yrs. old, black male
        Locus, Barbara, 12 yrs. old, black female

1315    1250    Culpepper, Milly, Head, 33 yrs. old, Housekeeper, $200 Real Estate;
        $400 Personal Estate
        Green, Elizabeth, 12 yrs. old


1093    1039    Ricks, Amos, Head, 46 yrs. old, Farmer, $1700 Real Estate, $400 Personal Estate
        Ricks, Martha, wife, 46 yrs. old, can not read or write
        Ricks, John E., 14 yrs. old
        Ricks, William, 13 yrs. old
        Ricks, Columbua, 12 yrs. old
        Ricks, Josiah, 10 yrs. old
        Ricks, Telfair, 8 yrs. old
        Ricks, Henrietta, 1 year old

CENSUS OF 1850, NASH COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA.  Taken:  28 September 1850 by
    J. M. Taylor  [no districts or townships identified]

Dwelling    Family

795    804    Whitley, Charity, Head, 46 years old, can not read or write
        Whitley, Richard R., son, 17 yrs. old, Farmer
        Whitley, Eliza (spelled Elijah) A. B., daughter, 14 yrs. old, in school
        Whitley, Jolly B., 10 yrs. old, in school
        Whitley, Sallie A., 5 yrs. old, in school

800    806    Whitley, Willie, Head, 60 yrs. old, Farmer, $365 Real Estate
        Whitley, Jerusia, wife, 60 yrs. old, can not read or write
        Whitley, Arthur A., son, 23 yrs. old, Farmer
        Whitley, Catherine P., 19 yrs. old
        Rackley, Martha A., 2 yrs. old,.

804    810    Culpepper, Henry, Head, 29 yrs. old, House Carpenter
        Culpepper, Mary A., wife, 34 yrs. old, can not read or write
        Culpepper, Matilda A., daughter, 10 yrs. old
        Culpepper, Jethro D., son, 8 yrs. old
        Culpepper, Martha A., daughter, 6 yrs. old
        Culpepper, Caledonia, daughter, 4 yrs. old
        Culpepper, Nancy, daughter, 2 yrs. old
        Green, Mary, 30 yrs. old
        Green, Elizabeth, 1 yr. old

805    811    Culpepper, William, Head, 59 yrs. old, Farmer, $800 Real Estate
        Culpepper, Elizabeth, wife, 56 yrs. old
        Culpepper, Frances A. R., daughter, 17 yrs. old
        Culpepper, William J. W., son, 14 yrs. old
        Culpepper, John J., son, 13 yrs. old
        Locust, Zelpha, 28 yrs. old, female black
        Locust, Lucinda, 7 yrs. old, female black
        Locust, Richard, 5 yrs. old, male black
        Locust, Barbara A., 2 yrs. old, female black

811    817    Whitley, Joel B., Head, 26 yrs. old, Farmer, $234 Real Estate
        Whitley, Mary, wife, 20 yrs. old
        Whitley, Mary E., daughter, 8/12 months old
        Whitley, Henry A., brother, 22 yrs old, Farmer

857    863    Ricks, Amos, Head, 35 yrs. old, Farmer $500 Real Estate value
        Ricks, Martha [Hill], wife, 25 yrs. old, can not read or write
        Ricks, Martha A., daughter, 8 yrs. old, in school
        Ricks, John E., 5 yrs old
        Ricks, William D., 3  yrs. old
        Ricks, Columbua, 1 yrs. old

WHITLEY FAMILY ANCESTRY  [sources:  U.S. Census Records and Online Sources]

Rosa Whitley [Bell]  [b. 1895.  d. 1974]

Charles [Charlie] H. Whitley  [b.  1869.  d. 1937]

Henry A. Whitley [b. 1838  d. 1890]

Willie Whitley [b. 1790 – d.  bet.  1860 – 1870]


William H. Culpepper, Jr. [5 Sept. 1943]

William H. Culpepper, Sr.   [1921 – 2005]

Meady Bennett Culpepper  [1898 – 1937]  referred to as “Bennie” twice in census records

George Washington Culpepper [1859 – 1922]

Henry Harrison Culpepper  [1816 -  bet. 1880 – 1900]

William Culpepper [1790 - bet. 1880 - 1900]


Mary Ann Ricks [Whitley]  [1867 – 1932]

Amos Ricks  [1815 – 1890]

Joel Ricks  [1737 – 1824]

Benjamin Ricks [1707 – 1775]

Isaac  [1669 – 1748]

Isaac  [1638 – 1723]

[I find this line of descendant hard to believe, in spite of its repetition at the various ancestry websites, especially FamilySearch.   For the above to be true, Joel Ricks would have had to begat Amos Ricks when he was 78 years old. There must be a missing link here.   So, members of the Ricks Family should take a closer look at this research]