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Below is a compilation of most but certainly not all of my trip reports.  Missing are most fishing trips to area lakes, rivers and I almost never discuss coastal fishing.  My fishing locations along the Texas coast are private unless it is a generic location.  This is a lesson learned from many years ago when I was a teenager living on a Texas coastal barrier island.  If I told you where I fished, 96% chance it was  a lie, will even lie to my dad about where I fish.

These reports are to provide myself, family and friends memories of good times and also to aid in the recall of details we may have forgotten so they can be referenced for future trips.

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2019 Trip Reports
    Fort Davis State Park
   Guadalupe Mountains National Park

2018 Trip Reports

2017 Trip Reports

2016 Trip Reports

2015 Trip Reports

2014 Trip Reports
    Mulberry River, AR (Mar 29-31)
    Buffalo River, AR (May 31-June3)
    Arkansas Headwaters, CO (June 22-24)
    Hiking Colorado, Mt Shavano 14,259ft (June 25-26)
    Rio Chama, NM (June 28-30)
    Buffalo River, AR (Aug 15-17)

2012 Trip Reports
2011 Trip Reports
2010 Trip Reports
    South Llano
2009 Trip Reports
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