Earl Ammerman IV Independent Candidate for U.S Congress Nevada District 2 
Campaign Platform:
Say No to War. Withdraw all troops from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and elsewhere around the globe.
Slash Defense Spending. Build solar panels instead of weapons of mass destruction. Re-invest the defense budget towards more meaningful causes, such as universal health care, education, green energy, infrastructure restoration, arts and culture, public transit, and publicly funded elections.
Legalize same sex marriage in all 50 states.
Plaster every vacant square foot of roofing space with solar panels and wind turbines.
Universal health care for all. Create a health care system where everyone is covered, regardless of pre-existing conditions, or ability to pay.
Equal ballot access for all candidates, regardless of political affiliation. 
Abolish the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Program. The key to a nuclear free world starts with the United States. If the United States abolished its nuclear weapons program, other nations would follow our lead. The key to a nuclear free world also includes withdrawing all U.S. troops from the middle east and elsewhere around the globe. A middle east free of U.S. armed forces takes away the incentives for other nations to develop nuclear weapons. 
Say no to nuclear energy. Invest in solar and wind energy.
Abolish extraordinary rendition.
Abolish the Patriot Act
Restore habeas corpus rights to all terrorism suspects. The government should never possess the right to hold people without charge.
Free Bradley Manning
Open Borders. No one is illegal. Demolish the border walls.
Close Guantanamo Bay.
End the embargo against Cuba.
Abolish the death penalty
Make Love, Not War
Media Links
My quote is at the end of the following stories. For the record, I'm against nuclear power.
Fund Raising
I plan to raise campaign funds by recycling aluminum cans. If you have any used aluminum cans let me know
Please contact me at  singlepayeractionnevada@gmail.com  or p.o. box 6555 Reno, Nevada 89513
Contact Information
p.o. box 6555 Reno, Nevada 89513