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o       Dr Jerome Behemu – Executive Director

§         Dr. Jerome Behemu leads EARD-CI, setting the vision for the organization and providing guidance to the staff. She teaches at a Livestock College and is a Veterinarian, D.V.M. She is also an advisor and sits on the board of several local NGOs. She has participated in gender leadership, income generation and entrepreneurship training. She has a rich background in working with groups as well as small-scale farmers

o       Ms. Edith Mshimwa – Program Manager

§         Edith Banzi Mishimwa is in charge of day-to-day operations and has primary responsibility over acquiring new funds for the program. She has worked for several NGOs as a project manager and has a background in agriculture management. She has wide experience working with women’s projects, micro-credit programs and development work

o       Ms. Naomi Kilonzo – Loan Officer

§         Naomi S. Kilonzo conducts weekly training sessions all year, teaching business skills and sharing best practices with her individual and VICOBA borrowers. She also conducts monthly in-person follow-up with her individual borrowers providing support and counsel. She has worked for the local government for 15 years as an assistant accountant. She has received certifications from several business skills training courses. She is both a trainer and a mobilizer in enterprise development.