Welcome to GIN 2010

Earth's Hope was the theme of the first EARCOS Global Issues Network (GIN) Conference held in Beijing-2008 and the second, in Bangkok, was
We Can. We Will.  This year, we are looking forward to the third GIN Conference in Hong Kong at CIS from March 19th – 21st and
the theme we have chosen is Know. Care. Act.

The Global Issues Network is based on the ideas described by Jean Francois Rischard in his book High Noon "Twenty Global Problems, Twenty Years to Solve Them." Rischard identifies 20 urgent global problems and encourages the formation of small groups around the world to help solve them. Global Issues Networks have been formed in many international schools throughout the world empowering international school students to create sustainable solutions to urgent global problems. We will invite all EARCOS schools and schools around the region including those in Hong Kong to send a group (2-6) of students in grades 8-12 to this real life-changing event.

    "I strongly believe that it will take the combination of a new method of global problem solving and a new mindset …. Schools have a pressing responsibility in this regard to expose the next generations more systematically to these global problems and to help develop the new mindset that is needed --- the 'global citizens first' mindset… tomorrow’s generations must develop a networking-oriented mindset if they are going to solve the burning global problems that stare us in the face.”

    - Jean Francois Rischard

The Conference will be a transformational experience shaped by motivational keynote speakers, an experiential series of workshops, opportunities for discussion in Global Village Groups and an empowering series of short films made by the conference delegates.

It is a Conference for students and lead by students, designed to send the young people attending enthusiastically back into their communities determined and able to make a difference to the world.