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Projects recently updated

Nunn - Artificial Neural Network Library
Nunn Library -
 version 1.56 released (Dec 13, 2016) 

It contains bug-fixes and improvements.
It is an implementation of an Artificial Neural Network Library which learns by example.

Download nunn GitHub 


version 1.48 released.

Now IDE is available for Linux/GTK+2 platforms.
It also contains bug-fixes and improvements.

It is a programming language from the BASIC family distributed under GPLv2 License.

https://sourceforge.net/projects/nubasic/files/latest/download https://github.com/eantcal/nubasic/releases


https://github.com/eantcal/tvpn/releases/tag/rel_1.3TVPN version 1.3 released.

It contains bug-fixes and improvements.

It is an open source software application that implements virtual private network techniques
for creating p2p or site2site connection configurations.