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Please make comments and attach documents so that we can see how useful and how dynamic we can make this site.   Arthur
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This is a prototype page for those medical educators in East Africa who want to share their work and performance together.  The aim is to improve the health of people by improving teaching performance in clinical teaching situations, formal case reviews, presentations, grand rounds, mentoring and supervision.
Teaching skills are at one level generic and at another are context specific. This site will offer an introduction to the generic skills and we hope that those who work in the various health care sites will add from their own experience. You can add to the content through the Teaching Exchange.
One of the questions we keep asking ourselves clinically and in our teaching practice is "Am I doing this right?, is it OK?  How can I tell?  This is good, it is reflective practice and is a sign of a developing professional, and we never stop developing professionally.

Education is a theory based science.  Whilst we will start with practice, at this point you should be assured that the basics have good theoretical roots and we will point you to them if you want to go that way. For instance we use Kolb's learning cycle (see above) as the model for learning. 

The site has several levels and functions and they are all accessible from the front page. There are short topic based tutorials, links to pages for self recording and a resources page with links to and feedback about useful educational sites.

Staircase of Learning

Learning is like climbing a staircase or ladder.  At the top is the goal or aim and each stair is an element that leads to that goal.  It doesn't happen without using energy.  On each side the rails of Assessment, Evaluation and feedback offer support during the climb.  In learner centred teaching the teacher and the learner climb together.
Assessment / evaluation                Environment
Teaching Style                Feedback

Clicking on each of these will take you to a short explanation.

Teaching exchange

Click on Teaching Exchange  to go to the page where you can add stuff you want to share with your colleagues.

In the future we aim to have a My Pages area where you add your personal stuff, your teaching logs, your reflections, some of which you might share others will always be yours.  At the moment Google say they aim to do this.  In the meantime you could set up your own site and link it to this one.

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13 Aug 2012, 11:45