The 4th Workshop for Emerging Application and Many-Core Architecture was successfully held in conjunction with ISCA-2011 at San Jose California on June 4th, 2011

The workshop has ~30 attendees and w
e have a wonderful program include a keynote from David Patterson (UC Berkeley), John Shalf (Lawrence-Berkeley Lab), Brad Spiers (Bank of America) and Hassan Chafi (Oracle Labs).   We also have several technical paper discussions and a panel on "Implications of consumer apps / DataCenter apps / HPC apps on future computer architecture". 

    Technical Talks
    • Topic:  Implications on commonalities / difference of consumer applications and data center/HPC applications on future computer architecture
    • Panelist:  John Shalf, Brad Spiers, Hassan Chafi, Jose Renau
    • Foils:  John Shalf, Brad Spiers, Hassan Chafi, Jose Renau
    • Moderator:  Victor Lee