Proposed Topics and Presentations

The schedule for presentation is anticipated to be as follows:

Monday Evening - Welcome and Overview for the Week - Endel Kallas

Tuesday - Body and Soul - The Earth Mysteries for Men - Ron Moor

Wednesday - Assimilating and Learning from #MeToo -Tony Signorelli

Thursday - Sonic Journeying - Rahjta Ren

Friday - A New Consciousness of Matter and Spirit - Endel Kallas


Returning to Self Through Relationship with Others

Traditional and Emergent Men’s Work Themes

At the center of this men’s summer retreat, we continue to re-member the inclusive wholeness of self and community radiating and drawing us together from deep within the core mysteries of nature. Removed now from the stark depths of winter we gather in the height of a verdant and abundant northern summer at the Christine Center. to share each others wisdom and experiencer journeying connecting in nature, music, ceremony, writing, and reflection around teachings and council circles.

Planned topics range from the nature mysteries and our quest for belonging to our place in current conversations such as “Me Too”. On the way we will consider the common underpinnings of all separation evident in “othering” as inherent to concerns like Sexism, Racism, Ageism and more. The nature and role of True Self and Soul will include visiting transformational work themes such as grief, anger/rage, pain, and working through shadow.

Our most critical element remains you and your participation as co-creators with an eager willingness to be usable in the formation of something centered in yet greater than ourselves. An intentional aim has been to invite leaders of other conversations and circles into the Christine Center Men’s experience. Endel Kallas

A New Consciousness of Matter and Spirit

We will explore new insights around an ancient path to Self-illumination with a particular kind of “Seeing” that in-forms both our inward spiritual journey and outward material reality.

Both large-scale cosmology and quantum physics have revealed a deep dynamic structure that paints a picture of physical reality much different than traditionally understood. Structural analogies from the worldview of Jesuit Paleoanthropologist Teilhard de Chardin will be considered alongside the expressions of Physicists Carlo Rovelli and Frank Wilczek. The cosmology of Brian Swimme and Steven Hawking's depiction of black holes will be used to paint a post-modern portrait of a growing consciousness of the interactive nature of matter and spirit.

Endel Kallas

Body and Soul - The Earth Mysteries for Men

Mother Earth Father Sky. Is that literally true, earth is feminine and sky is masculine? For our retreat, Ron Moor will facilitate a day exploring and experiencing the Earth Mysteries for men. We will access the imaginal realm through the portal of our hearts so we can enter into the underlying spirit/soul essence of Gaia. Our guide will be the land of the Christine Center, opening us to a deeper connection with, and the wisdom of, Creation.

Ron Moor

Sonic Journeying

  • Sound as Restful Inner Healer - Examining Dissonance and Consonance and How They Shape our Life’s Path
  • Soul Song - Your Resonant Harmonic: Understanding Your Authentic Nature
  • Going Beyond Trust: Living Life as Musical Improvisation
  • Healing the Human Condition by Examining Our Own Minds
  • Art as a Metaphor of Non-physical, Non-local mind - Tapping Into the Silence

Rahjta Ren

Assimilating and Learning from #MeToo

The #MeToo movement has raised women’s voices and become an opportunity for men to listen—to the women, to ourselves, and to the voices within. Often what we hear in there is disturbing—disorientation, wondering how to act now, coming to terms with our own transgressions, and learning how to really listen.

During a full day of this retreat, Anthony Signorelli will guide us through these and other various responses. Anthony has co-led several meetings with men focused on #MeToo and written several articles in a search for ground on which men can stand again. Although there are no answers, there are plenty of rich questions and deep practices we can learn and employ in the search to go deeper.

We are going to address four key areas for the day.

Sexual Attraction

Right or wrong, many men have been left wondering: Is it now evil to be attracted to a woman? Of course it is not, but the arguments over objectification, abuse of power, and sexuality have made it seem so—or at least, have men wondering and therefore confused. We need to find our ground again—one that is whole, enriching to those around us, and fully embracing the reality of who we are.

Our Ghosts

Many men in various situations have pushed too hard, gone too far, or crossed a line they should not have crossed. Reactions to this reality in the #MeToo context range from defensive to contrite. Facing our past is essential in coming to terms not only with #MeToo, but with our own masculinity.

Listening in Centeredness

Men have struggled at times to hear what women have to say. When our own shame or defensiveness arise, we tend to stop listening. In this session, we will focus on how to better hear the words women are using—e.g., privilege, consent, toxic masculinity—so that we can hear them, learn from them, and be less reactive and more engaging.

Anthony will share some perspectives and organize exercises to help us all find the deep, golden threads within this moment. Join us!

Anthony Signorelli