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Bulletins and Recordings 2011

EAH May Program 2011

Program Chair Lee Mansfield Past President


Friday May 6, 2011                         Bulletin                Recording

Speaker: Tom Woods, Director of the Mission Houses Museum

Topic: “Mission Houses Connections in 1902”


Mr Woods will talk on the Museum, its strange connection to the Amfac Building and something else that happened in 1902.


Friday May 13, 2011                        Bulletin                Recording

Speaker: Wayne Yoshioka, Director  Department of Transportation Services City and County of Honolulu

Topic: “Next Stop Downtown Honolulu”




Director Yoshioka with talk to EAH about Honolulu’s rail transit project, which ready to proceed to Preliminary Engineering (PE) phase. It is also a critical step in securing more than $1 billion in federal funding from the FTA’s New Starts program.


Friday May 20, 2011                         Bulletin                Recording

Speaker: Michael Krijnen – Architect

Topic:       “New Zealand Earthquake”


Michael had just returned from a trip to New Zealand, where he took hundreds of photo of the destruction caused by the February 22nd Earthquake. Michael will share many of these photo with us and provide his comments. 


Friday May 27, 2011 – No Meeting Memorial Day Holiday


EAH April Program 2011

Program Chair Gary Yamamoto – Past President 

Friday: April 1,                      Bulletin               Recording

Speaker:  Alan Lloyd,   HECO Retired  

Topic: “The Enchanting Garden Isle and Its History”

EAH Emeritus Member Alan Lloyd will present one of his custom Cruise Ship Presentation on Kauai from his Historical and Current collection of personal photos and stories of his adventures on The Enchanting Garden Isle. 

Friday April 8,                       Bulletin (NA)          Recording

Speaker:  Lisa Choquette, Oahu Program Coordinator, Alzheimer Assoc. of Hawaii,

Topic: Alzheimer, A Much Feared Disease

Ms. Choquette talked to EAH about Alzheimer and provided some enlightenment on the ignorance of the much feared disease and its effect on individuals and their friends and family.

Friday April 15,                       Bulletin               Recording

Speaker: Dexter Suzuki, President, LuxTech Lighting, LLC,

Topic: “Plasma Light”

Dexter told EAH about 'Hawaii Plasma Light’, which is a fascinating technology that allows streetlight-strength light from a source smaller than a pencil eraser'.

Friday: April 22, No Meeting – Good Friday holiday.

Friday April 29, Special Meeting       Bulletin             Recording

Speaker: Governor Neal Abercrombie

Topic: "The Way Forward"

EAH March Program 2011

Program Chair: Victor Russell Past President

Friday, 4 March                 Bulletin               (Recording by Request)        

Speaker: Chris Duque, Detective, HPD(ret)  Windward Community College

Title:  “Cybercrime and Computer Forensics”

Retired Detective Chris Duque explained ways to avoid identity theft and other crimes, including cyber terrorism

Friday, 11 March                 Bulletin               Recording

Speaker: Sean M. Costello, ME  Hawaii Energy Consultants LLC

Title:  “Alternative Energy Innovations for Hawaii”

Mr. Costello talked about how Alternative Energy Innovations for Hawaii will change the way we produce and use energy in the future.

Friday, 18 March                 Bulletin               Recording

Speaker: Richard Beall  Beall and Associates

Topic: “The Energy Loop”

Mr. Beall talked about the energy loop and how Energy can be reclaimed for commercial businesses and residential homes. 


EAH February Program 2011

Program Chair: Martin McMorrow Past President


Friday Feb  4, 2011:                 Bulletin               Recording

Speaker:  Paul Brewbaker,  Principal, TZ Economics

Title: "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow "


Popular Paul Brewbaker, noted island economic adviser, spoke on Hawaii's economic outlook for 2011.


Friday Feb 11, 2011                 Bulletin               Recording

Speaker:  Glenn Mason, President, Mason Architects Inc. and Don Hibbard Ph.D.

 Title: "Hart Wood - Architect"


Mr. Mason and Dr. Hibbard will speak on the works and ideas of one of Hawaii's most significant architects of the first half of the twentieth century.  They are co-authors of the book, "Hart Wood: Architectural Regionalism in Hawaii, published in 2010".  Mr. Mason is an architect specializing in historic preservation and Dr. Hibbard, previously head of the State Historic Preservation Division, has written several books about Hawaii’s architectural history.


Friday Feb 18  No Meeting Presidents Day Holiday


Friday Feb 25, 2011                 Bulletin               Recording

Speaker:  Don Hibbard,  Heritage Specialist, Mason Architects Inc.

Title: "Hawaii's Federal Works of the 1930s"


Mr. Hibbard administered the State of Hawaii historical preservation program from 1981 to 2002 and now is with the team of Mason Architects Inc.  His talk will highlight the many projects we pass by almost every day in Hawaii.  Projects that were the result of the Federal "back to work programs" of the Great Depression.

Programs for January 2011

Program Chair: William Warren - EAH Emeritus Member


Friday, Jan 7, 2011:                 Bulletin               Recording

Speaker: Jeffrey M. Kissel President & CEO – The Gas Company

Topic: “Hydrogen for Hawaii’s Fuel Cell Cars


Mr. Kissel discussed The Gas Company’s ability to support Hydrogen fuel for use in fuel cells to extend the current supply of petroleum and then incorporate renewables to lessen our dependence on petroleum based fuels.


Friday, Jan 14, 2011: No Meeting  Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday


Friday, Jan 21, 2011:                 Bulletin               Recording
Speaker: James Burns – Retired Judge    

Topic: Recollections of Governor John Burns

Friday, Jan 28, 2011:                 Bulletin                

Speaker: Linda M. Moran  VP Corrosion Cops

Topic: “Rust and Corrosion Protection