This page is dedicated to a very special group who have helped ENDRS in one way or another.  ENDRS offers a sincere "Thank You" to all listed.

Financial Donors for routine care:

Dena Dickinson

Janet Lacetera, FOB (Tendresse)

Leslie Bonnette, FOB (Tendresse)

Fred Badagnani

Dennis&Pam Powell

Dell Watkins

Molly Bertram

Jamie Gillispie, FOB (Tendresse & all)

Ellen - Stylist to the Steeds, FOB (Tendresse care pkg)

Jo Ann

Lisa D. Griffith (Mac)

The Killenbeck Family (Dewey)

Suzanne Hamilton

Kevin Luther

David Ball, PhD

Rescue Volunteers:

Univ of Arkansas Legal clinic

Gordon Bradshaw

Killenbeck Family

Scott Dilley

Jeremy Williams

Lonnie Gobin

Richard Clehouse



"In Kind" Donators


Ramona Swift

Hawg Country Wrecker Service