Prince (21 y/o draft/Standardbred cross) and Beauty(18 y/o draft/Standardbred cross)  are ENDRS most recent additions.  They are a full brother and sister team from an Amish farm in Northern Missouri.  They drive single and double.  They are too old to work from sun-up to sundown on the farm and were headed to slaughter.  ENDRS intervened with the gracious help of faithful donors and both horses are safe.  They will be vetted, trimmed, and evaluated for their new careers.  Below is a picture taken at the Amish farm and beside it is a picture of the two exploring their paddock at ENDRS. 


Digby, a 7y/o mare, had no ground manners or saddle training upon arrival.  She arrived with Judge (see the bottom of the "Before & After" page) during the fall of 2014. Please contact ENDRS regarding her progress and availability.