Our primary adoption goal is to place ENDRS horses in qualified homes.  When we review your application, we are focusing on your ability to provide a loving and safe home for your chosen horse.

     Through adoption fees, ENDRS can recoup a small percentage of the expenses associated with feed, farrier, worming, vaccinations, vet costs and professional training (when necessary) accrued while the horse was in our care.  Most importantly, your generous donation through adoption fees allows us to continue our mission of helping good horses who end up in bad situations.

Financial Responsibility:
      No adoption will be successful unless new horse owners appreciate the costs associated with the on-going expenses of routine horse care.  Other than the initial costs of stalls and fencing, there is the ongoing cost of worming, vaccinations, farrier visits, hay, feed, medications, supplements and hundreds of additional items that you will eventually need to purchase.  Also, at some point you will likely encounter a large vet bill.  Like people, horses can seriously injure themselves or get sick. A case of colic may cost as much as $5,000 to treat and even then, there is no guarantee of survival.  

     ENDRS expects adoptive homes to possess the financial ability to properly care for their new addition.  The average yearly expense for stable boarding and routine maintenance costs to properly care for a horse in Northwest Arkansas is approximately $5,500.  This amount may be cut in half if you have the facilities to care for the horse at your home. 

Adoption Fees:

     Our adoption fees vary depending on the characteristics of the horse, including the age and health of the horse as well as any extraordinary costs of rehabilitating the specific horse you are interested in adopting.

     ENDRS does not warrant any particular animal for any particular purpose. ENDRS will share all information known by ENDRS about the horse. However, if you have particular questions about the soundness or physical abilities that a horse possesses, ENDRS recommends that you send a Licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine to the sanctuary at your expense to evaluate the horse.

Adoption Procedure:

     ENDRS believes that there is no need to save a horse and then fail to assure its ongoing safety through a comprehensive adoptive home evaluation. Likewise, we know that anyone who completes our process truly wants to help a horse that needs a forever home and that the home is comprised of responsible and loving owners. Thank you in advance for complying with our adoption process.

     ENDRS Background Check Fee:   You must agree to a financial and criminal background check to adopt an ENDRS horse.  We have a wonderful retired FBI Agent who performs this service at his cost.  Simply enclose a $30 dollar check or money order with your completed application.  This background check fee is non refundable. If there is high interest in a particular horse, we process all applications and pick the most qualified candidate before performing his/her background check.  If he/she does not pass the check, we will perform the same process with the next most qualified candidate.  Once we have a confirmed background check, we will return all other applicants checks less a $2.00 postage and handling fee.    

Problems in an applicant's criminal and financial background check will not automatically disqualify a potential adopter.  However, negative reports will trigger a special review by ENDRS board of directors to assess what effect the issues in question my have on an applicant's ability to properly care for a horse. 

     Adoption Application:  You must complete an adoption application.  To receive an adoption application, please send a self addressed, stamped envelope to: 

Eagle's Nest Draft Rehab & Sanctuary, Inc.

PO Box 456

Greenland, AR  72737

     Home Evaluation:  Once we receive the background check fee and completed adoption application, we will begin the evaluation process.  During this process we will assess your plans for the particular horse you wish to adopt as well as your facilities for housing the horse. We will advise you of any areas that do not meet our minimum standards. If you choose to correct any concerns that we have, then you may be approved for adoption. We will not approve any home for adoption if we find that the owner’s intended use for the particular horse is inappropriate or if the facilities are insufficient to provide a safe environment for the horse.

     Adoption Contract:  Prior to finalizing the adoption of an ENDRS horse, you will need to execute the Adoption Contract. 

     Picking up your New Family Member:  ENDRS will donate up to fourteen (14) days of free care on our premises for your new addition while you make travel arrangements. Thereafter, a boarding fee of $10 per day will be assessed and must be paid before the horse leaves the premises. Failure to pay this fee results in forfeiture of the animal to ENDRS and a forfeiture of 25% of the adoption fee.

     Please make sure that you check with your transporter and boarding stable, if any, regarding necessary documentation. Many states require a health certificate and current Coggins for transport. Likewise, most boarding stables require the same documentation.

Miscellaneous Policies:

     ENDRS retains partial ownership of every animal adopted from our organization.  ENDRS, or an agent of ENDRS, retains the right to conduct periodic inspections of the property where the horse is kept.  If the adopter fails to abide by our requirements or if we feel that the horse is in an unsafe environment then we will remove the horse without recourse and resume full ownership of the animal.  All costs associated with the repossession by ENDRS of the animal will be the responsibility of the adopter. 

     Horses adopted from ENDRS shall never be sold, transferred, leased, loaned, or bred.  If you decided that you no longer want the horse for any reason, you are contractually required to return the horse at your expense to ENDRS. 

     ENDRS will not hesitate to seek legal redress for violations of any contractual provision.  Similarly, there is an Arkansas choice of law provision in the contract which requires that all legal matters be resolved under the laws of Arkansas and in a state court of competent jurisdiction in Northwest Arkansas. 

     Horses adopted from ENDRS may only be euthanized after ENDRS Licensed Staff Veterinarian has spoken with the Licensed Veterinarian who is recommending euthanasia.  In the event that euthanasia is necessary in an emergency, the Licensed Veterinarian who euthanizes the animal must provide a written statement within 7 business days of the procedure that euthanasia was unavoidable.  Contact information for the Licensed Veterinarian that euthanized the animal must be provided to ENDRS in case our Licensed Staff Veterinarian has questions about the authenticity and necessity of euthanasia.  

     If an adopted horse dies, ENDRS must receive a written statement by a Licensed Veterinarian regarding the cause of death.         

     Horses adopted from ENDRS may only be relocated upon notice to ENDRS.

     Horses shall be used only in a manner consistent with their physical capabilities.

     Once adopted, the adopter assumes all financial and legal responsibility for the horse. 

     Once adopted, the adopter assumes all financial and legal responsibility for any injuries to persons or property that the horse may cause. 

     Once adopted, if a third party raises a claim against Eagle's Nest Draft Rehab & Sanctuary, Inc., its employeees, or agents then the adopter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Eagle's Nest Draft Rehab & Sanctuary, Inc., its employeees, and agents.  Indemnity extends to all forseeable and unforseeable costs and attorney fees associated with responding to such claims.

     If the adopter dies, the estate of the adopter agrees to return the horse to ENDRS and all expenses associated with the return will be paid by the estate.

Visiting Eagle's Nest Draft Rehab & Sanctuary, Inc.:

     Visitors to ENDRS and ENDRS foster homes are welcomed by appointment.