The Bald Eagles joined the ONELL over 40 men's lacrosse division 5 years ago. The team formed in an effort to expand the league and to promote lacrosse and sportsmanship. The Bald Eagles will strictly follow the ONELL (Olde New England Lacrosse League) philosophy. 

The Eagles name was chosen because of its national symbolism. The Eagle has long stood for strength and honor as has the Olde New England Lacrosse League, founded by Scott McKenzie 7 years ago. The Bald Eagles will rise to the challenges of charitable giving by following in the footsteps of all the players on the ONELL teams. 

The Bald Eagles are made up of members that played at the collegiate level, in Division 1, 2 and 3 schools; as well as club teams. The veteran players are expected to pass on their knowledge of the game to the less experienced players through practice and positive reinforcement. 

The Bald Eagles currently have a few openings left on the roster and are encouraging skilled players over 40 to contact them to learn more about trying out for the team. The Bald Eagles play all of thier home games at Woburn High School. We will have Tuesday night games throughout the summer. Games will be played throughout Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

Please contact Tim Johnson at 781-224-1146
We will rise as a team and we will fall as a team. We will give them nothing, but take everything from them!