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Eagles Concert Band Performance Schedule - 2015

This schedule is subject to change as the season progresses.

Concert Band 

     Date                        Concert                         Location         Time


Aug. 5                    Kimball Farms               Lenox               7:00pm

Aug. 9                    Hinsdale                        Hinsdale           2:00pm

Summer                  Windsor Lake                N.Adams          TBA

Oct 4                       Small Ensembles         Pittsfield*           3:00pm

Nov. 6                     Colonial Theatre            Pittsfield           7:00pm

Nov. 29                   Hinsdale Holiday           Hinsdale           2:00pm

Dec.                       Pittsfield Holiday           Pittsfield*          3:00pm

*FUMC = First United Methodist Church, 55 Fenn Street, Pittsfield, MA

Stage Band

     Date                        Concert                    Location                Time

Aug. 18                  Springside Park             Pittsfield           7:00pm

Sept. 26                 Melbourne                     Pittsfield           2:00pm

Nov. 28                  Melbourne                     Pittsfield           2:00pm   

Brass Band & Trombone Ensemble

Date                        Concert                         Location              Show Time 

    Aug. 11                  Springside Park             Pittsfield           7:00pm
    Aug 20                    3rd Thursday                Pittsfield           6:00pm
    Sept 17                   3rd Thursday                Pittsfield           6:00pm
    Dec 6                    Adams Library                Adams             3:00pm   

The Eagles Band at the Colonial Theatre and in Lake George, NY
 The Eagles Stage Band and Wind Symphony at the Mahaiwe.