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    Tournament Results

    January 26th Tournament Results


    The first tournament of 2013 is complete and the results have been tallied.
    Congratulations go out to Tom Cech for his 1st place net win and his tie for 1st place gross with David Pope. The results for the 3 net flights and CTP's are as follows:

    Flight 1
    1st-Tom Cech
    2nd-Dave Cox
    3rd-David Pope
    Flight 2
    1st-Sam DeMaria
    2nd-Bob Lemmon
    3rd-Sean McGarry
    Flight 3
    1st-Dick Mace
    2nd-Scott Scheiffer
    3rd-David Enney
    #2-Sam DeMaria
    #6-Sean McGarry
    #13-Glen Scheiffer
    #16-Tom Cech

    Jan 26 Net by Flights

    2-11-12 Gross&Net Scores ‎(NCGA Zone Qualifier)‎

    Jan 21st 2012 Net Scores ‎(Rank)‎

    Jan 21st 2012 Gross Scores ‎(Rank)‎

    Club Champ Net by Flight

    July 9 Poppy Hills Net by Flight

    June 4 Net Results by Flight R1

    May 21 Net by Flight

    April 16 Net Results by Flight

    Mar 19 Net Score by Flight Overall

    2-Man Best Ball Feb 20th, 2011

    February 2 Man Net Best Ball Results are in!

    posted Feb 13, 2011 7:58 PM by Luis Franco

    2-Man NCGA Qualifier Champions are Larry Hazen and Matt Jacquet!  
    They shot an amazing Net 59 and will represent Eagle Ridge in the next round of this NCGA Qualifier next month.  
    The first alternate team is Steve Self and Chris Green with their 63.

    Low Gross: $50 each Cain, Jessel  70
    Flight 1:  1st Net Self/Green $50 each  63
                2nd Net Cain/Jessel $30 each  65 (won tie breaker)
                3rd Net Cech/Cech  $15 each  65
    Flight 2:  1st Net Artmore/Thomas $50 each  67
                2nd Slater/Moore $30 each               69
                3rd Kelly/Hatz  $15 each                  70
    Flight 3:  1st Hazen/Jacquet $50 ea            59
                2nd Lucia/Brown  $30 ea                64
                3rd Sigala/Ramirez  $15 ea            66
    CTP: Cox and Michael Cech $20 ea

    February 20th Results

    2 Man Best Ball Feb 20th 2010 
    (NCGA Qualifier)

    NCGA Qualifier Winner:  
    Jon Hellesoe and Patrick Boyd  Net 57

    1st Flight Net
    1st Place:  Matt Watson; Humberto Rincon     Net 63
    2nd Place:  Stuart Cain; Joel Jessel                Net 65
    3rd Place:  Doug Pickford; Sam Lucero           Net 66

    2nd Flight Net
    1st Place:  Jon Hellesoe; Patrick Boyd            Net 57
    2nd Place:  Bob Ligon; Sam Demaria              Net 65
    3rd Place:   Dan and Don Sunseri                   Net 65

    3rd Flight Net
    1st Place:  Don Tran; Tim Bui                         Net 61
    2nd Place: Ed Jones; Richard Mace                Net 64
    3rd Place:  Nolan  Harding; James Botelho     Net 66

    Low Gross
    Brian Lomeli; Dave Schneider                    Gross 70

    CTP #2:  Todd Barreras   3'11"
    CTP #16  Sean McGarry  7"

    April 24th San Juan Oaks Major

    May 15th Tournament Results

    June 5th Tournament Results

    Club Championship Aug 14-15

    Luis Franco,
    Aug 29, 2011, 12:10 PM