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April ERMC Tourament Results

posted Apr 22, 2015, 3:31 PM by Jason Moore

Low net winner for the April 18th tournament is Dave Slater with a net 66.
Flight winners and CTPs as follows:

Low Gross 

1 Kevin Noto

Low Net Flight 1

David Slater

Kevin Noto

Michael Cech 

Low Net Flight 2 

1 Don Sunseri

2 Humberto Rincon

3 R ichard Mace 


2 Nolan Harding 4'6"

6 Don Sunseri 3'6"

13 Kevin Noto 16'9"

16 Sean McGarry 12'2"

March 21st NCGA 4 Ball Net Qualifier

posted Apr 17, 2015, 12:00 PM by Jason Moore

Results for the NCGA 4 Ball Net Qualifier:

Team Low Gross



NCGA Low Net

Moore/Lodge *(result of blind draw)



Flight 1

1     Schiefer/Schiefer

2     Noto/BrownField

3     Self/Dexter


Flight 2

1    Jones/Mace

2    Sunseri/Sunseri

3    Rincon/Mcfadyen



Hole 2    (05' 8") Jacob Dexter

Hole 6    (04' 0") Kevin Kelly

Hole 13  (14' 4") Kevin Noto

Hole 16  (10' 2") Ted Diaz

February 21st NCGA Qualifier

posted Mar 18, 2015, 5:08 PM by Jason Moore

Results for ERMC 4 man NCGA qualifier:

Low Gross

Dave Schneider

Flight 1

1 Sean Mcgarry

2 Steve Self

3 Matt Watson

 Flight 2

1 John Vetrano

2 Nolan Harding

3 Matt Jacquet



Hole 2  (4' 9") Todd Antepenko

Hole 6  (11") Dave Schneider

Hole 13  (10' 9") John Beilfuss

Hole 16  (4' 4") Steve Self


NCGA Qualifiers

1 Sean Mcgarry

2 John Vetrano

3 Nolan Harding

4 Steve Self

2015 First Tournament Results

posted Jan 24, 2015, 2:33 PM by Jason Moore

ERMC's first tournament of 2015 is complete.  The low net winner is John Kent with a net 70.  The low gross winner is Kevin Noto with a 76.
This tournament awarded Hancock Points and those numbers have been tallied and posted below.
The flight results are as follows:

Flight 1

1 Steve Self

2 Shawn McGarry

3 David Slater

Flight 2

1 John Kent

2 Johnny Gurich

3 Ed Jones


2 Dan Sunseri 4'

6 David Enney 2' 7"

13 Glenn Schiefer 7' 7"

16 Jason Moore 2' 9"

First tournament of 2015 ERMC

posted Jan 16, 2015, 1:16 PM by Jason Moore

36 players have signed up for the first tournament of 2015 ERMC season.
Regular points for the Hancock Cup are on the line.  This is a noon shotgun start and we
will be playing from the white tees.  Good luck Gentlemen.


2014 Match Play Champion

posted Aug 3, 2014, 4:14 PM by Jason Moore

Bob Lemmon is the 2014 Match Play Champion.  With this victory his has secured a spot on the 2014 Hancock Cup Team.
Jerry De La Piedra finished in 2nd place,  Tom Cech in 3rd and Chris Green in 4th.

Quail Lodge Major July 12th

posted Jul 13, 2014, 6:22 PM by Jason Moore



The results of yesterday's event have been tallied for the event at Quail Lodge which proved to be a deceptively difficult day for most! Thanks to all who made it out and congratulations to the winners!


Winners Name

Low Gross Matt Watson

Flight1 1st Matt Watson

Flight1 2nd Tom Cech

Flight1 3rd Dave Slater

Flight2 1st Jerry De La Piedra

Flight2 2nd Nolan Harding

Flight2 3rd David Enney

CTP2 Adrian Blank

CTP5 Jerry De La Piedra

CTP8 Dave Conragan

CTP12 Mike Cech

CTP17 Ian McFadyen


June 14th Major Results

posted Jul 11, 2014, 10:51 AM by Jason Moore



Here are results from the June 14th tournament:


Moving on to NCGA Event:

Tom Cech

Glenn Schiefer


Winners     Name

Low Gross   Shawn  Hennessy


Flight1 1st Tom Cech

Flight1 2nd Dave Conragan

Flight1 3rd Shawn  Hennessy


Flight2 1st Glenn Schiefer

Flight2 2nd Sean McGarry

Flight2 3rd Ed Jones


CTP2  Adrian Blank 8.5"

CTP6  Todd Antepenko 7' 11"

CTP13 Dan Sunseri 19' 7"

CTP16 Glenn Schiefer 2' 9"







San Juan Oaks Major Results

posted May 21, 2014, 4:30 PM by Jason Moore

Gentlemen our first major of the 2014 season has been completed.
Congratulations to Kevin Noto for winning low gross with a 67 and to Dan Sunseri for winning low net with a 66!
The rest of the results for the flights and CTP's are listed below:

Flight1 1st Kevin Noto

Flight1 2nd Chad Brownfield

Flight1 3rd Craig Moriyama

Flight2 1st Dan Sunseri

Flight2 2nd Nolan Harding

Flight2 3rd Scott Schiefer

CTP6 Adrian Blank 9' 3"

CTP8 Eric Lodge 10' 7"

CTP12 Mark Sowlakis 6' 5"

CTP16 Matt Watson 4' 8"

2014 ERMC Match Play

posted May 14, 2014, 11:09 AM by Jason Moore   [ updated May 24, 2014, 5:16 PM ]

Gentlemen please review the updated match play bracket for 2014.
Remember to forward your match results to Jason Moore at or

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