Welcome to Art at EAGLE School, Nest-5/6
    My name is Marcia and I believe that all children can benefit from exploring their creative side.  Creativity and visual learning are essential for all people.  We will be experimenting with a wide variety of art media in class, learning about art history and design concepts and drawing inspiration from other subjects (Science, Social Studies, etc).  On Art class days, it would be a good idea to not wear your best clothes.  We do wear smocks, but paint has a sneaky way of getting onto clothing.

Circle Painting by 3/4s


A sampling of student artwork is shown on the Artsonia gallery. This is a wonderful display of children's artwork. If you choose to purchase any products with your artwork, 15% goes to the art program at EAGLE. We usually end up earning a few hundred dollars each year from this program. The reason we put artwork online is for parents, relatives and friends to see. The extra money for art supplies is just a bonus.

Goals of Art Class

Art class allows students to learn in different ways.  The philosophy of Art at EAGLE is to teach students about the art elements & principles, introduce them to art history and art from other cultures, provide experiences with many types of art materials and techniques and while doing so, integrate the art curriculum with other subjects.   For instance, while the 4/5s are studying Egypt in LA/SS/D, they will learn about Egyptian art in art class.  Other objectives of art class are to:
  • develop basic art skills
  • encourage visual awareness
  • strengthen development in all areas: physical, social, emotional, intellectual, creative
  • increase self-discipline and concentration
  • encourage personal expression (verbal and nonverbal)
  • develop fine motor skills
  • strengthen problem-solving skills
  • help students understand the world
  • build a sense of accomplishment

   View EAGLE student artwork at this art gallery.  Email Marcia for your username and password if you do not have yours. 

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