EAG Language Services, LLC

Here at EAG LANGUAGE SERVICES, LLC we provide language services for all types of situations and documentation.  We specialize in language services from English to Spanish and Spanish to English.  This includes the following:
    •    US English > Latin American Spanish
    •    Latin American Spanish > US English
    •    US Spanish > US English

    We can also provide translation services for other languages: Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, and more.  Please contact us to ask about your language needs.

    We work with source documents relating to a variety of subjects and industry.  These are some of the different subjects for which we have provided translations: legal, medical, financial, agriculture, human resources, marketing, public relations, information technology, websites, education, social services, media, literature and many others.  If your topic is not listed, please send us a message and we will evaluate your project and provide the best course to take.  We also have acquired government security clearance with Department of Justice - DEA, Department of Homeland Security - ICE, USDA, FDA, Department of Defense - NLSC, therefore we can help you with your sensitive and secret materials.

    In order to provide accurate translation services, we investigate thoroughly the target audience and the terminology used by the author of the source language.  Translation is not only changing words from one language to another.  It requires a high level of comprehension in both, the source and target language.  We match the register, context and meaning exactly so your message is communicated successfully.

    We look forward to providing excellent customer service.  We not only pride ourselves in excellent translation, we also maintain high standards in customer service and care about treating you with respect and integrity.  We guarantee your satisfaction.  Our clients are 100% recurrent customers.  References available upon request.

    Please feel free to contact us and/or send us any question, sample of material, or information you wish to provide.   We will contact you as soon as possible.

Contact us with your questions
email: eagspanish@gmail.com
Telephone: 503.780.9636

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