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Working together

When you engage our team, we’ll both go through the start up process regardless of the size of your company or the projects we'll be tackling with you.  We've refined the various processes of "getting things done" to eliminate much of the waste that typical companies themselves produce.

                                      Call or contact us today, your first consultation is free.

Step One:

The first thing we'll do is schedule a free consultation to learn a little about your company, its goals, budgets, etc.  During this call, we'll ask some open ended ‘big picture’ questions.  These questions are intended to help focus on your key requirements and give us both an idea as to "who is doing what". Some clients require a more hands-on approach; some want us to handle everything.

Step Two:

After the initial call and for a small pre-paid consulting fee we'll schedule a more in-depth call with you.  This call will include other E/TC team members and will last between 1 and 2 hours.  During this call, we'll ask you more targeted questions about your needs, how they relate to your products and services, your target market(s), and other business facts related to the key requirements identified in step one.  This is the call that sets the tone for outlining exactly what you need from us (and what we can do for you).

Step Three:

After the second call, our team will put together an outline concerning your company's initiatives.  Within about a week, we will provide you with this outline that offers a plan of attack, deliverables and their measures.  It will explain briefly the plan customized to your specific situation and the methods making your organization an integral part of the process. You are free to keep this document and use it for one of three things: use it to create and execute an action plan for yourself, use it to accept bids from other consultants, or allow us to move forward in the final deployment of the plan.

Step Four:

Once we agree to move forward with your project, we'll both sign a terms sheet and a Gap Analysis is finalized within your company.  This will generate a ‘Scope of Work Document’ which is signed by both parties.  The scope of work document details exactly what E/TC is to do, as well as the time lines and costs associated with each project milestone.  This document is the "road map" — it's both our course and marching orders to get to work on your project.

Progress Reporting

There will be process milestones along the way.  These will be outlined in the scope of work document and will provide you with update materials at certain times throughout the project.  Most scope of work documents allow for a reasonable edit or two to a project and each is different.  All approvals will be in writing (usually via email) so that there is a record that you've approved the work along the way.

                            Contact us at (717) 666-5306 or email: info@eagertask.com