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EagerTask Consultants (E/TC) utilizes both active and semi-retired professionals with varied backgrounds, education and training combined with decades of experience and good old-fashioned 'horse sense'. E/TC is a family of knowledgeable and experienced business leaders providing a comprehensive, results orientated approach to your business.


Our Founder - Jim WilsonView James (Jim) Wilson's profile on LinkedIn

Starting out in Construction, degreed in Business Administration / Computer Science and a Senior Member of the Society of Plastic Engineers since 1981, Jim has over three decades of direct experience in manufacturing - "making things happen". In round the clock plastics facilities -

Extrusion, Thermoforming, Composites, Thermosets and Injection Molding, his background includes Operations, Logistics, Engineering ( Co-developer of multiple US and Canadian patents ), Sales, Distribution, Growth Planning, and Quality System Generation. 

Jim's focus is to understand the elements in your living business plan and to become an active teammate; providing personal, practical and professional advice to help you realize them. 

Contact us at (717) 666-5306 or email: info@eagertask.com