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About Us

EagerTask Consultants, Inc (E/TC)

Having worked their way up through multiple manufacturing companies and employing as many as 150+ employees across multiple divisions, the principals have experienced it all - the changing 'Business Missions', the 'Fad of the Month', working with difficult employees, being catapulted into positions of leadership for which there was no training nor operational manual, and understand that it's difficult to work on your own long-term strategic plan when you're pressed with workplace issues that your broken or missing business processes and systems just can't handle.

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In their own round the clock operations, our team members experienced many of the same issues you go through; the sleepless nights, meeting the 'month end numbers' and business roller coaster cycles. They use a combination of experience, an innate understanding of people and their potential, varied engineering backgrounds, and both “formal and school of hard knocks” developmental skills to help their clients implement Tactical and Strategic Business and Growth procedures to pro-actively plan and logically control business growth to optimize profit.

E/TC quickly understands their client's workplace culture, and has the experience to design highly-effective individualized solutions. Even though your call to them may be while in crisis mode, E/TC will still be there as your "talent down the hall" as long as needed after implementation of initial solutions.

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