EagerTask Consultants (E/TC) helps you increase profitability by increasing the effectiveness and productivity of your leaders, managers and teams while developing your key business components: cooperation, commitment, creativity, productivity, job satisfaction, new products, continual improvement and teamwork.  Our business consultants are ready to help you develop your strategic planning elements including product development and branding, marketing planning and intellectual property protection as well as achieving third party certifications for your Quality system and succession planning. 

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Our production operations experts will help streamline your planning and projects with tools including contract review processes to insure successful product launches, along with business planning tools and best business practices.  In today's extremely difficult market economy, the challenges to generate profits and sustainability are greater than ever.  It's constantly time to muster your resources and explore your options. Our office operations gurus will help to develop balanced scorecards in order to report your teams expected higher company value and the specific results driving a bigger bottom line. 

Our Management trainers help your team to capitalize on your own companies' competitive advantages, to increase efficiency and integrate technology.  We’ll help your team free up cash flow in low velocity areas like excess raw materials and inventory.  Our vendor management suggestions can help to improve the overall quality of your vendor relationships while reducing costs. Our team of active and semi-retired business specialists are at the ready - primed to complement your internal staff as an additional ' team down the hall ';  helping propel your business toward success with our cost effective solutions. 

Contact us at (717) 666-5306 or email: info@eagertask.com

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