Negotiation's Update

EAEA Negotiation’s Fact Sheet

The District has forwarded information to the public from their perspective which has included some erroneous information. It’s time to know the real facts. 


                  What have the teachers done?

·         Approved the Fact Finder’s report

·         Have worked without a contract since June, 2012

·         Proposed eight items for negotiation

·         Received no salary increase for 2 years. (No one will reach the maximum salary in 16 years. It will take at least 18-20 years to reach the maximum salary)

·         Offered to pay more for healthcare above the recommendation of the Fact Finders Report

·         Volunteered on various committees for no compensation

·         Funded the Academic Awards breakfast at the High School through paid for dress down days for many years

·         Supported various activities of the students through personal and Association donations of money and/or prizes

·         Paid for their own continuing education (26 additional credits above an earned Bachelor’s degree are required by the state to earn permanent certification)

·         Paid for additional classroom supplies at their own expense since each teacher is given a $250 budget to cover all classroom supplies excluding books.

·         Contributed 7% of our salaries to our retirement every year of employment


What has the District done?

·         Rejected the Fact Finders Report that they requested
·         Continues to make regressive proposals at the bargaining table
·         Attempted to strip or change 62 items in the contract

·         Continues to pay the Campbell Law Firm to represent them for negotiations and labor issues (2 solicitors are on the payroll now)

o   As of May, 2014 the Campbell Law Firm has been paid $111,250.30 since October of 2010

o   Mr. D’Emidio has stated that they will continue to use Mr. Campbell’s firm as long as they are in negotiations for a new contract
·         Replaced the previous Assistant to the Superintendent with 2 Additional Administrators (Mrs. McEwen & Ms. D’Emidio).  Requires additional benefits for each.
·         Changed lighting in all buildings which cost $2.75 million
·         Paid Grubb Consulting Services $58,219.56 as of December 2013
·         Proposed to remove the limit of students placed in the elementary and middle school classrooms
·         Proposed to remove the Distance Learning Language from the teacher’s contract, which would mean that the District can hire who they want to monitor students in a nontraditional setting
·         Approved the Administrator’s contract in May 2012, one month before the expiration of the teacher contract

·         Pays 75% tuition reimbursement for 2 Principals who are earning their Superintendent papers

EAEA Union,
Aug 10, 2014, 3:53 PM