Dear Parents/Guardians and Community Members:

Welcome to the East Allegheny Education Association website.  I am proud to lead the 128 members of the Association which is comprised of teachers, school counselors, and school nurses.   Our goal is to provide the wonderful children of the families within the East Allegheny School District with the quality education they deserve. 

Many questions have been asked regarding the reason that the Association authorized a strike vote and notified the community at the May Board Meeting that if an agreement is not reached between the School Board and the Association by the start of school, the Association will strike on September 2, 2014.  The Association was disappointed that we felt forced into this decision but had wanted to provide the community with ample time to prepare over the summer for the possibility of a strike.  Please know that the decision was not an easy one to make, and one we hoped would not be necessary.  However, in September, 2014, the Association is entering the third year of school without a contract.  Unfortunately, the School Board continues using the tactics of the Bruce Campbell Law Firm and presents us with regressive offers time after time. 

We have posted the Fact Finder’s report from May, 2012 as well as some negotiation points of which we feel the community should be aware.  

We thank the parents/guardians and community for its continued support of our students and our Association.


Cheryl Ihnat


East Allegheny Education Association